Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Trip to the Dells

Labor Day Weekend I had the fun-filled adventure of heading to the Wisconsin Dells with three friends! I never went as a child, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Would it be fun as an adult? Would it be cheesy? Would it be boring? Would it be everything I expected and more? Let me tell you, the Dells is not just for kids! We had so much fun! And we packed a ton of stuff into two and a half days. Here is a quick highlight (minus a ton of pictures that I could have posted) of everything we did over the weekend:
Army Ducks.  Is it a car that goes in water?  Or a boat that goes on land?  Either way, we went on both land and water in this boat that was actually used by the army. It was a fun tour and apparently a Dells staple, if you make the trip.
The Tommy Bartlett Water and Stage show.  The first part of the show was water skiers doing lots of fun tricks.
The second part of the show was stage performers.  Emily and I got excited about this one because it reminded us of the movie Wild Hearts Can't be Broken!  A motorcyle in a cage, in case you can't tell.
Ziplining!  So much fun.  Not so much flattering for pictures!

The only time I actually came into a platform facing forward.  I never did quite get the hang of steering, but I didn't really mind, so I didn't try too hard to master it.
This was at the last platform, Armageddon.  We were 907 feet in the air!
And of course, water slides!  The resort we stayed in had 3 outdoor water parks and 3 indoor water parks!  This was the Hurricane, which is almost a roller coaster on water.  It was so much fun and made me miss roller coasters.  Apparently I can do a water slide without getting motion sickness.

Arcade games.  I played a lot of skeeball.
3-D Blacklight mini golf.  A very interesting experience!  I couldn't wear my 3-D glasses while I golfed because it  made me dizzy.

It was an underwater theme.
Laser Tag.  Everyone was surprised with how much I wanted to do this, but it was one of the things we did several times in grad school for a fun evening out.  This was a two story laser tag arena with a wild west theme, so it was a lot of fun!
Laser Maze.  This had two options: crawling through the maze without hitting any of the lasers.  Or trying to bust all the lasers and reset them for a high score.  Holly and Emily did the crawl through option alone.  Amanda and I did the busting together.

Above: T and A is Amanda and I--we got first place!  Below: Holly got 3rd place in the hard maze category!  We are just that good, folks!

Tropical Snocones!  I was so excited.  Another staple from grad school that I haven't had in years!

On the way home on Monday, we decided we didn't want to miss out on more adventure, so we decided to "let" the car break down at a rest stop about two hours from home.  While we waited for a tow truck and Emily's mom to come pick us up, we walked a dog trail, played on the play ground, and met up with some friends from church who just happened to stop at the same stop while we were there!

The tow truck came about 20 minutes before Emily's mom, so we had to sit with all our belongings while we waited. Surprisingly, I don't feel like we got that many strange looks.  It wasn't the end to the weekend we had anticipated, but it makes for more memories of the trip!  And being stranded is always better with a group of people than by yourself!

The verdict for the weekend?  More than I expected!  A great place to get away for the weekend!  A great place to feel like a kid again!  (I won't mention the soreness and bruises the next day that reminded me that I am most certainly not a kid anymore!)