Monday, January 28, 2008

Remember When...

Remember when I was so excited that I was getting new carpet? Well, I admit, I'm still glad that I'm getting it, but the actual act of getting the carpet...not so exciting. We found out early last week that the carpet guys were coming back on Thursday. So, they cleared out a couple of offices on Wednesday afternoon and started work on Thursday. Well, being the practical person that I am, I realized that me and my two coworkers who share an office were all going to be gone Friday afternoon. So I suggested that our office get recarpeted on Friday while we were all gone in order to cut down on the chaos. Well, when I got to the office this morning, our office was in the process of being recarpeted. Yeah for us. Relocate to the conference room. Supervision in another office. Chaos all day! It was so much fun. But tomorrow when I go into work, I'm going to have pretty, new carpet and the chaos will be almost over. I think they have one more office to carpet.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Praising the Lord

I got on the computer this afternoon hoping to hear news of whether Daniel and Whitney arrived safely in Guatemala. Not only did they arrive, but they already have pictures up of their first day with Ellie!!! I am praising the Lord for His perfect timing in bringing this sweet little girl into their lives. And I am praying for a transition full of blessings for Ellie as they bring her home. Check out pictures on Whitney's blog.

Friday, January 25, 2008

One Hundred

I worked as a teaching assistant in a kindergarten classroom for one year. Apparently these days in school, the 100th day of school is something that is highly anticipated and celebrated. I don't remember this from when I was in elementary school, but then, I'm old and my memory is going. So, all that to say, today is my 100th post on my blog. For my faithful readers, can you believe that you have read 100 separate random stories? I think I found this on another blog I have read, but I decided to attempt to give you 100 facts about myself. Be forewarned...I might get bored half-way through, and I might not actually have 100 facts about myself (especially since I haven't thought it through beforehand):

100. I am 28 years old.
99. I am 4' 11" tall.
98. I was born in Illinois.
97. I lived in Georgia for 16 years.
96. I lived in Texas for 3 1/2 years.
95. I love Dr. Pepper.
94. I have two brothers.
93. I have one sister.
92. I have one sister-in-law.
91. I have one nephew.
90. My first car was a 1983 Honda Prelude.
89. My second car was a Toyota Camry.
88. My third car was a Ford Contour.
87. My current car is a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid.
86. I still miss the Prelude (even though it was pretty much a piece of junk).
85. I like daisies.
84. I love dogs.
83. I have been converted to liking cats also.
82. My major in college was psychology.
81. The official name of my college was Georgia College & State University.
80. My graduate degree is in Marriage and Family Counseling.
79. My graduate degree came from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
78. Apparently, I like schools with long names that don't fit on one line when filling out applications.
77. I went to middle school for 6 years, without repeating any grades.
76. My high school mascot was the Ram.
75. My first job was working in General Merchandise at Winn Dixie.
74. In college my job was cleaning a professor's house.
73. I worked as a maid in a hotel for one summer.
72. I collect turtles.
71. I was a nanny to three boys under the age of 4 for one year in Texas.
70. My favorite vacation was when I went to San Francisco in college.
69. I got to ride in a trolley in San Fran.
68. I toured Alcatraz while there too.
67. This is harder than I thought.
66. I was the senior class editor of the yearbook my senior year of high school.
65. I lived in a dorm room for 6 1/2 years of my life.
64. I like to do puzzles.
63. My favorite chick flick is You've Got Mail.
62. My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.
61. My favorite action movie is Above the Law.
60. My favorite classic is The Sound of Music.
59. I also really like the Anne of Green Gables movies (but not particularly the continuing story)
58. My favorite TV show is The Cosby Show.
57. I own all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.
56. I own three seasons of Alias.
55. I prefer not to wear shoes (which is why I love flip flops)
54. I've been a bridesmaid in 7 weddings.
53. My first trip out of the country was to Guatemala last year.
52. I work at the Children's Home in the FBI.
51. I like Brad Paisley.
50. I lived in the south for 15 years before I started listening to country music.
49. Winter is my favorite season.
48. I love snow.
47. My birthday is July 5.
46. My half-birthday is January 5.
45. It is 162 days until my birthday.
44. I really like fruit.
43. I like to read.
42. My name starts with T.
41. The title at the top of my blog is my name backwards.
40. I have done 7 Beth Moore Bible studies (one of them twice).
39. I have led two of those studies.
38. I was the Programs Chair of the Baptist Student Union my senior year of college.
37. I love spaghetti.
36. I dislike most vegetables that come on pizza.
35. I have a weird aversion to cheese.
34. I really like to sleep in on Saturdays.
33. I dislike playing just about every sport.
32. I love to play games.
31. I love pictures.
30. I live with my family.
29. If I started repeating things on the list, would people notice?
28. I worked at LifeWay for 4 years.
27. I'm the shortest person in my family on both sides, including cousins.
26. I like to wear fun socks.
25. I don't like vanilla scents.
24. My favorite word is onomatopoeia.
23. I used to go sprinkler dashing in seminary.
22. I like to roller blade.
21. I have a star sapphire ring that was my mom's in high school.
20. I technically stole it from her.
19. She bought a new one instead of trying to get it back from me.
18. I was in two weddings in two weeks time.
17. I was off of work today.
16. I have lived in 12 houses (including three different dorm rooms).
15. My favorite ride at Disney was It's a Small World.
14. My sister is 15 years younger than me.
13. My older brother is 2 1/2 years older than me.
12. My younger brother is 18 years younger than me.
11. I am technically old enough to be Daynah and Josh's mom.
10. Someone once mistook me for their mom.
9. Amy is my favorite stepmom.
8. I am a procrastinator.
7. I don't like coffee.
6. I don't like tea.
5. I love hot chocolate.
4. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
3. My favorite Jelly Belly is Dr. Pepper.
2. I toured the Jelly Belly factory.
1. I really like my blog!

Okay, so maybe I cheated a couple times, but that was kind of fun. And I might have had some help (see number 9).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It's a joke at work that we invent things to celebrate in order to have an excuse to eat out or bring in treats : ). My coworkers and I deny inventing reasons but do not deny the serious like of anything related to food.

So, in honor of my spiritual birthday yesterday, I had a party :). I do not celebrate my spiritual birthday every year, but I thought number 10 was significant enough to celebrate. So, I got a group of friends together and we went to Avanti's for dinner and then back to Kevin's house for dessert and fellowship. Kari made dessert, and was willing to make anything I wanted (she even said if I got the recipe, she would make Ann's apple pie!) So, we had apple crisp, cherry dump cake, and caramel fudge brownies. Oh, and ice cream! Then Kelli played guitar and we sang several of my favorite songs. I shared my testimony (for those who don't read my blog). And then we hung out and chatted. Oh, and it snowed on my spiritual birthday!!! What a great gift from God : ).

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate! I love having such a great group of friends! You guys are amazing!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ten Years, One Decade

Tomorrow will mark my 10 year spiritual birthday! Ten years ago, as a freshman in college, I realized my need for a Savior. I had been attending church for several years, and thought I was a Christian. I felt I was doing everything "right" and "good". However, the Christmas of 1997 started a one-month process for me. I attended a conference in Orlando, FL over the Christmas break through a Christian organization on campus. One of the sessions I went to was called "clarifying your testimony" and the speaker handed out a worksheet with questions to help us start to put together the story of how we came to know Christ as Savior. As I was filling out the worksheet, there were several questions I just didn't feel like I could answer. And it started me thinking. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I'm back on campus. Well, the Christian organizations on campus each have a weekly meeting and at both, people would give their testimony. The testimonies sounded very similar to mine, at least up to a point. I had made a profession of faith when I was in 6th grade, but I don't think I fully understood what it meant to make a profession of faith. So, at the end of one of those meetings, I asked a girl from down the hall if I could talk to her later. When I went to her room I said to her, "I don't know if I'm a Christian." She helped me to understand that through Christ, I can have full assurance of my faith. But she also helped me to understand that some people who claim to know the Lord do not know Him (Matthew 7:21-22). That evening I realized that while I had professed to be a believer, I only had a head knowledge of Him. I had been doing many things in my life that I thought were good, but I realized that I had never surrendered my heart to Christ. So, that evening (Jan 21, 1998), I went into the bathroom in my dorm : ) and prayed that Christ would save me from my own sin and selfishness and help me to live a life that is glorifying to Him.

And now ten years later, I can look back on that year and see the great foundation in Christ that I was able to lay through the ministry I was involved in on campus. Here are some highlights (because you know how much I like lists) of the past ten years of my spiritual journey:
  • A calling to do Christian counseling
  • A mission trip to Daytona Beach, FL for 8 weeks (where I worked as a maid in a hotel and lived in a hotel room with three other girls)
  • Leading a freshmen Bible study my junior year of college
  • Serving on the leadership team of the BSU my senior year of college
  • Attending seminary for 3 1/2 years in Texas
  • Serving in many capacities in various churches (nursery, AWANA, teaching Sunday School)
  • Mission trip to Guatemala summer of 2007

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways and seen me through so many life changes. He directs my path and leads me in the way that He knows is best for me. For that I am grateful, because who knows where I would be if it were up to me!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things that make you go "Hmmm..."

So, here is the sign of the day. I was out in the middle of nowhere today (Washburn). On my way back into Metamora, right as you are entering the city limits, there is a sign that says "Excessive Engine Breaking Noise Prohibited" : ) Now, I understand completely why the sign is there. There are a bunch of houses and the speed limit drops from 55 to 35, so the big semi trucks were probably slowing down by the houses and obviously making lots of noise with there excessive breaking. But to actually post a sign is hilarious. Not so hilarious is that I had trouble staying on the road while I wrote myself a note so I wouldn't forget what the sign said so that I could post later. Mom, if you're reading this just ignore the last sentence and read this one: After reading the sign, I continued going 35 mph with my hands at 10 and 2. : )

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs...

So, I was thinking about what I can post today. Apparently I like to use song titles as my titles to my post (which is kind of funny because I am not a huge music person). I was again driving through Farmington/Trivoli. There is a tanning salon called Farmers Tan. I thought that was a really fitting name for a place that is in the middle of nowhere.

And on to funnier (well, depending on your humor) things. Just about every time I go to Farmington (twice a week) I hear a song on one of the country stations (I have three programmed into my car) called International Harvester. I personally think the song is hilarious, but it is really ironic that every time I hear it the chances of me getting behind slow farm equipment is greater! Here are the lyrics:

I’m the son of a 3rd generation farmer
I’ve been married ten years to the farmer’s daughter
I’m a God fearin’ hard workin’ combine driver
Hoggin’ up the road on my p p p p plower
Chug a lug a luggin’ 5 miles an hour
On my International Harvester

Three miles of cars layin’ on their horns
Fallin’ on deaf ears of corn
Lined up behind me like a big parade
Of late to work road raged jerks
Shoutin’ obscene words flippin’ me the bird
Well you may be on a state paved road
But that blacktop runs through my payload
Excuse me for tryin’ to do my job
But this year ain’t been no bumper crop
If you don’t like the way I’m a drivin’
Get back on the interstate
Otherwise sit tight and be nice
And quit yer honkin’ at me that way

Cause I’m a son of a 3rd generation farmer
I’ve been married 10 years to a farmer’s daughter
I got 2 boys in the county 4 H
I’m a lifetime sponsor of the FFA
Hay! That’s what I make
I make a lot of hay for a little pay
But I’m proud to say
I’m a God fearin’ hard workin’ combine driver
Hoggin’ up the road on my a p p p plower
Chug a lug a lugin’ 5 miles an hour
On my International Harvester

Well I know you got your own deadlines
But cussin’ me ain’t savin’ no time hoss
This big-wheeled wide load ain’t goin’ any faster
So just smile and wave and tip your hat
To the man up on the tractor


Monday, January 14, 2008

Have I mentioned that I have the cutest nephew ever?

Here's the picture to prove it!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


So, I am very blessed to have a boyfriend who thoroughly enjoys spoiling me! Here is what I got hand-delivered to my work on Wednesday.

The Bouquet
A closer view
An extreme close-up

What was the occasion, you might ask. No particular reason. Just to cheer me up during a really hectic paperwork week and make an extremely gloomy week much brighter. Did I mention that daisies are my favorite flower and he managed to research that information to find it out from one of my friends in Texas (who he has regular access to through Facebook, which actually scares me on a regular basis. Except that I know Danell is more loyal to me than she is to Kevin. Danell, thanks for remembering my fave flower!)?


So, I had a dream last night that I was looking through a store window and saw some type of plaque with a wierd saying on it and I was trying to get a closer look so that I could write it down and post it on my blog later. You know a blog is an obsession when you start dreaming about it. Maybe I need professional help. Oh, wait. I am the professional.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Driving, More Driving, Most Driving

Or would it be driving, drivinger, drivingest : )

Random driving stories:

So, from previous posts, you all know I drive to Farmington twice a week. To get to Farmington, I drive through Trivoli. In the yard of one of the houses is a sign that says "Clowns for Hire." For some reason it amuses me every week : ) They have a website, but between driving by the sign and getting home, I forgot what it was. Maybe I'll post it next week! And the phone number in case anyone wants to hire a clown. For all the weddings coming up, there's a unique idea...clowns at the reception!

And then I drove by a gas station. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I make frequent bathroom stops while on the road. So, I was at a stoplight next to a gas station and was amusing myself by reading the signs around me. The gas station, on it's main sign, advertised clean restrooms. I just can't decide if I would be more likely or less likely to stop at a gas station that specifically advertises clean restrooms. I definitely don't think it would make me MORE likely to stop at that particular gas station. I think I'm more of a judge a gas station by its cover (instead of judge a book by its cover) kind of person. If it looks friendly and inviting and not run down or shady, I'm more likely to stop and use that bathroom. It's not a foolproof plan, but it has served me well over the years.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Prayer and Procrastination

Two very different topics, I know, but an interesting title nonetheless! : )

Tonight was First Prayer at church. Normal First Prayer is the first Wednesday night of the month, but every once in a while they have it on Sunday night. I love these nights because I am always working in AWANAs on Wednesday nights and miss First Prayer otherwise. Tonight we sang one of my favorite hymns: And Can it Be by Charles Wesley. It talks about all of Christ's love and work for us. My favorite verse is the third one:

And can it be that I should gain
An interest in the Savior's blood?
Died He for me, who caused His pain?
For me, who Him to death pursued?
Amazing love! how can it be
That thou, my God, shouldst die for me?

He left His Father's throne above;
So free, so infinite His grace.
Emptied Himself of all but love,
And bled for Adam's helpless race.
'Tis mercy all, immense and free,
For, O my God, it found out me.

Long my imprisoned spirit lay
Fast bound in sin and nature's night;
Thine eye diffused a quickening ray
I woke, the dungeon flamed with light.
My chains fell off; my heart was free.
I rose, went forth and followed Thee.

No condemnation now I dread;
Jesus, and all in Him is mine!
Alive in Him, my living Head,
And clothed in righteousness divine;
Bold I approach the eternal throne
And claim the crown, thro' Christ, my own.
Amazing love! how can it be
That thou, my God, shouldst die for me?

I love how these words reflect so accurately who we are before we know Christ. We are slaves to sin, imprisoned by our emotions, heavy of heart, hurting but not knowing why, searching for something. Then Christ offers us Himself. We are undeserving of this gift, but He offers it out of His infinite love. When we receive that gift, giving ourselves over to Him, we are freed from the chains of sin. We no longer need to feel the condemnation of our sin, but can turn it over to Christ. It brings a smile to my face just reading the words to the song, but the music so perfectly reflects the words.

After First Prayer, Kevin was so kind to take me to Barnes and Noble where I was finally able to satisfy a two week craving for peppermint hot chocolate! I needed a neutral place (away from various distractions) to do some much needed paperwork for work. I continued to procrastinate, however, by doing some other things that I brought first. I finally buckled down at 8:35 to do paperwork, only to hear the announcement at 8:45 that they were closing in 15 minutes (somehow I thought they closed at 10). Sad news, but I worked frantically until the last minute. Kevin took me home where I refused to get out of his car in my driveway because then I knew I would have to go inside and continue to do paperwork. It was kind of fun holding myself captive in his car. He has no real way of getting me out of his car, and he knew it : ). (Kevin, thanks for putting up with me!) So, now I have procrastinated for another 15-20 minutes by typing this. Sometimes procrastination is just too much fun!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Guess what today is????

Happy Half-Birthday to me!!!

Yep, you guessed it, only 182 days until my birthday. Not that I'm counting. That's just a guess : )!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Wow, two posts in two days. I'm on a roll. So, I thought about making up a bunch of New Year's Resolutions for my first posting of 2008, but then I thought it wouldn't be very good to start off the new year by lying. The truth is, I hate new year's resolutions. The way I see it, when I make a resolution, I am just setting myself up for failure. I can't think of a single person I know who has made a resolution that they kept. But here are some things I am looking forward to in 2008:
  • one week in Thailand (in 58 days)
  • my 10 year spiritual birthday (in 20 days)
  • my 29th birthday (in 186 days)
  • my two year work anniversary
  • my nephew's 1st birthday (strange to think about since he was just born)
  • my brother turning 10 (yeah for double digits)
  • continuing to grow friendships that have become very dear to me over the last year
  • continuing to get to know Kevin as we grow closer in our relationship
  • attending numerous weddings of friends who got engaged last year
  • paying off my student loans

I'm sure there are many other things I am looking forward to, so don't read this as an exhaustive list, merely as a jumping-off point. I will feel free to add to it whenever the fancy strikes!

Happy New Year to all of my family and friends! I predict 2008 is going to be a marvelous year : )!