Monday, October 17, 2016

Who is like the Lord our God?

Friday I had the privilege to see Keith and Kristyn Getty in concert for the second time.  It was a great time of worship.  If you are not familiar with them, go check them out.  They write and perform amazing music that glorifies the Lord.  

This song in particular, "The Lord is My Salvation" spoke to me the most.  It brought tears to my eyes because the truths in the song were so timely.  Our God is strong to save, faithful in love.  I've been listening to the song on repeat for the past few days, and each time I hear it a new truth pops out.  The line, "He flowers each promise of His Word" was such an odd line the first few times I heard it, but then I think I wrapped my brain around it today.  God's promises are always true, but their truth is not always seen right away.  The promise is like a flower bud, which opens up and flowers as that promise comes to fruition.  Friday night the line that stuck in my head the  most was, "I know His grace will renew these days, the Lord is my salvation."  Go to youtube and listen to the'll be blessed.  Here are the lyrics:

The grace of God has reached for me
And pulled me from the raging sea
And I am safe on this solid ground
The Lord is my salvation

I will not fear when darkness falls
His strength will help me scale these walls
I’ll see the dawn of the rising sun
The Lord is my salvation 

Who is like the Lord our God?
Strong to save, faithful in love
My debt is paid and the vict’ry won
The Lord is my salvation

My hope is hidden in the Lord
He flow’rs each promise of His Word
When winter fades I know spring will come
The Lord is my salvation

In times of waiting, times of need
When I know loss, when I am weak
I know His grace will renew these days
The Lord is my salvation 

And when I reach my final day
He will not leave me in the grave
But I will rise, 
He will call me home
The Lord is my salvation

Glory be to God the Father
Glory be to God the Son
Glory be to God the Spirit
The Lord is our salvation

Friday, October 7, 2016

I'm a homeowner

Condo owner, technically.  I don't feel any different.  Someone told me through this process that it was the most adult-like she felt, even more than getting married.  At some point it will sink in.

 Here I am, unlocking the door for the first time. Or not.  Funny story (because what would a Teresa experience be without a funny story?!).  I could NOT get the keys to unlock the door when I went over.  I jiggled.  I tried the key not quite all the way in.  I turned left and right.  Nothing.  I finally had to call the realtor.  Long story short, I had to wait a few hours to get in, and the key did work. I just didn't stand on one foot, upside down, and say the three magic words for it to open.  And don't worry, I already have a new knob to replace it!
 This is the view from the bay window in the living room.  Two of the bedrooms also face this view.
And this is the view of the living room from my "couch".

I'm excited for the coming process.  I'm painting next weekend but probably not moving in until the end of October.  More pictures to come once I get settled.