Saturday, December 29, 2012

Texting gone bad

These are the three texts I just got from Daynah:

Text 1: Is it still snowing in Illinois and we miss you and we hope that you can come back soon and Dana says she's glad driver Rome are your medicine in the way I'm

Text 2: bye

Text 3: sad misses you so much and he wishes you could come back is Santoli Cleacene very very much and we love you

They all came in one after another.  My text back was: What?

Daynah texted back and said that Josh was texting me and talking to Siri.  So, I still don't know what he really meant to say.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Conversations with the roommate

Emily was getting ready to head for bed tonight, and I am leaving in the morning for Arizona, so we were saying our goodbyes.  You know, the standard, "have fun with your family."  "Merry Christmas."  "I'll try not to be jealous of you while I'm working."  "Don't miss me too much."  But my last remark, "If I don't see you before the world ends on Friday, I'll see you in heaven."  K, now all our conversational bases have been covered.  Goodnight!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

On Sending Christmas Cards...

I've had several discussions with people about etiquette and the lost art of sending Christmas cards.  Here has been my answer to them.  I send Christmas cards because it makes me happy.  Not because someone sent me one or because it is what is expected of me.  I only send cards every couple of years, when I have time or have inspiration of what I want to do.  I have a hard time just sending a card without a personal greeting or letter of some sort.

One of my favorite things about sending cards, which I just discovered today as I was addressing cards...seeing the fun street names that everyone lives on! :)  It sounds silly, I know, but fun street names are important.

This year, I am excited to send out cards.  I wish I could attach a camera to my cards to see everyone's response to getting it.  I have a feeling there will be many questions and a few people who will say, "I don't get it."  That is what makes me smile.  If you need an explanation, just let me know, I'll be glad to tell you the story behind the card.  If you didn't get one, I'm really sorry, but I had a limited amount that I could send out.  I might post a picture of the card after the fact so that everyone can enjoy it, even if you didn't get one.

PS.  I always love getting cards.  December is the one time of year I get more fun mail than I do junk mail or bills!  And picture cards go up on the refrigerator so that I can see your smiling faces all year long!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dressing up for your dad

On Wednesday I was preparing my client for the fact that I would not see her for two weeks because I would be on vacation.  When she started bargaining with me to only miss one week, I had to help her understand better that I would not be working and would not be close by. 
Client: "Well, where are you going?" 
Me: "To see my dad and he lives far away."
Client: "Are you going to dress up?  You should dress up!"
Me: "Probably not..."
Client: "You should wear something pretty.  And the earrings you wore last week!"

She was so excited, I just agreed with her.  Do I remember what earrings I wore last week when I saw her? Nope.  Am I planning on wearing a hoodie sweatshirt to get on the plane next week?  Yep.  I hope Dad calls that dressed up! :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

What a difference 6 years makes

The first winter I lived in Illinois, the first weekend in December started with a really bad snowstorm.  It iced on Thursday and then Thursday evening it started snowing, covering all the ice with at least half a foot of snow.  No one went anywhere on Friday, which was December 1.  The plows didn't make it down our street until sometime Saturday afternoon, I think.  I made someone come pick me up for church on Sunday and then the first time I attempted to drive, even though I didn't really want to, was Monday. 

Fast forward 6 years and you get this weekend, also the first weekend in December.  Sunday I wore a knee-length skirt to church with high healed sandals and short sleeves.  Today I wore flip-flops, jeans, and a short sleeved shirt.

The reality is, I prefer something in between scenario number one and scenario number two.  I'm not really complaining about the warmer weather even if it's not what I would wish for.  I was a little hot Friday and Saturday night while I slept, but flip-flops and jeans is my favorite clothing option, so I can't really complain.

However, just to make a point...all of you warm weather people would only understand what I'm going through if we had snow in July.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

3rd Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night

Yesterday was the 3rd Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night.  For those of you new to the blog, a cheesy Christmas movie equals a movie in the genre of ABC Family or Lifetime Original or something along those lines.  There was some debate last night about what the first annual viewing was.  We decided it was either Holiday in Handcuffs or The Night They Saved Christmas, with a heavy lean toward The Night They Saved Christmas.  Last year we watched Call Me Mrs. Miracle.  For the Second Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night we included dinner and decided to do that again this year.  I was in charge of the meal and Emily was in charge of dessert.  Here we are enjoying dinner:
Emily made a peppermint pie for dessert.  It was delicious.  This picture does not even begin to do it justice:
Amanda and Joanne are super-duper excited for the 3rd annual choice of cheesy movies, A Nanny for Christmas, with Dean Cain:
While not my favorite cheesy movie, it definitely met the requirements.  While the love interests in the movie are out shopping for a Christmas tree, she says (describing the tree), "Tall, dark, and handsome.  Just like you." :)  If it doesn't make you throw up a little in your mouth, it does not meet the requirements for a cheesy Christmas movie.  Below, we are ready with popcorn by the glow of the Christmas tree to start the movie:
And now, all we have to do is press play:
Can't wait for the 4th Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night (I think it might need a shorter title)!