Saturday, August 13, 2016

Online Dating and House Hunting

Now that I have you intrigued by my title, I need to do a little catch up on my life.  My roommate and I have lived together for 8 years!  But Emily recently took a new job and is moving away from Peoria :(.  So, I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life.  Find another roommate?  Rent a 1 bedroom apartment?  Buy a house?  Buy a condo?  Live in a cardboard box?  Move in with my mom?  Move in with my dad? Live in denial?  There were a lot of options.  But I felt that the best one for me was to look for a condo.  I have absolutely no desire to have to do yard work, so a condo seemed much better than a house.  And more affordable than renting a 1 bedroom apartment.

And so the hunting begins...

I have not loved the process.  The current plan is for me to move in with some friends who have graciously offered me a bedroom in their house until I find something.  So, most of my life is going into storage and I am temporarily relocating at the end of the month.  It gives me less pressure to find something yesterday!

I was talking to a co-worker the other day and telling her that I feel like people keep telling me that "I'll know it's the condo for me when I see it."  And I told her that it reminds me of dating where people always say, "You'll know he's the one."  I've always struggled with this, maybe because I haven't found "the one."  But if he's not the one, you certainly don't always feel that with such assurance.  Anyway, as I said these things, my co-worker started laughing and said that looking for a house seemed a lot like online dating.  You search for houses online and look at all the gorgeous pictures.  Comments like, "I could see myself living there," or "These qualities are really neat," or "Look at that feature!" come out of your mouth.  And so you schedule a viewing.  And then you realize, "That picture made the room look way bigger," or "that quality isn't what I was looking for after all!"  It's the same with online dating.  Not that I've ever done online dating, but I know how it works.

All that being said, I'm still in the process.  I've been out twice with a realtor and looked at what feels like a billion condos.  I'm not really sure I've loved any of them.  But I'm seriously looking at two right now.  It's overwhelming.  I usually come home with a headache.  And it makes me not like the responsibility of being an adult! :)  But apparently, I can't change who I am. I'll keep you posted on what happens in my life next...