Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Food Log Fail

So, first of all, I don't really keep a food log.  But if I did, I would have failed today.  Not in the recording, which I'm about to do, but in what I'm recording!

As with most of my stories, I have to preface this one with another one. :)  I know you guys love me, so you humor me.  And I let you.

This weekend, 9 of my friends and I went away for a weekend to play games, watch movies, and eat.  A lot.  Some people also hiked. Since I only packed lounge wear, I was not one of them.  I never left the cabin and I was perfectly okay with that.  Monday, when I weighed myself, I would have to say that I gained several pounds.  And a little more on Tuesday.

So, today I decided I needed to get back on track with what I was eating.  I packed the rest of the cookies I made for the weekend to take to work so I wouldn't eat them at home.  When I got to work, I offered a cookie to one of my co-workers and then took them to the kitchen and may have eaten on my way out the door.  I then headed to another building to pick up a check.  It was Angie's birthday and she offered me a doughnut.  Don't get me started on how little self control I have for doughnuts.  So I ate one.  Then I went to my client's house and to court.  On the way back to the office from court, I decided to get a Dr. Pepper from McDonald's (this was not anything new, so it wasn't a deviation.  I simply would rather a fountain drink than a can sometimes).  But while I was waiting in the drive thru I decided that a McChicken and fries sounded better than the frozen meal I brought.  And I had saved a cookie for myself.  And the kitchen had a tin of caramel popcorn that I might have had a handful of every time I went to the bathroom or kitchen.  And the cookies weren't gone, so I think I had two more.  And then we had lasagna for dinner at church tonight...

Fail.  Fail.  Fail.  Fail.  Oh, and, fail.

Tomorrow.  I'll think about it tomorrow.

Monday, March 27, 2017


Last week the mom of one of my clients told me about something her daughter said in her sleep.  Apparently her other daughter said, "I'm going to tell Teresa about it."  Meaning she thinks that I can interpret dreams.  If only...

Last night I had a dream and the Toy Story characters were in it.  Except they were white and cloth, specially made so that you can color them. They were breaking out of the boxes they came in an were upset that they were all white.  That's all I remember.

In the Bible, every time someone has a really obscure or weird dream, there is always someone to interpret it and make it seem really logical.

I am not that person...

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thick skin

I told my last client of the day that it is a good thing I have thick skin and don't get offended easily because she was the fourth person this week to ask me if it was time for me to leave yet!  It was just one of those weeks.  The first time was a client I have been seeing for over two years.  She LOVES seeing me.  Seriously, I could come every day to see her and she would be okay with it.  But this week, after about 20 minutes, she said, "Is it time for you to leave yet?"  When I told her "no" and asked her why she wanted me to leave, she said, "I don't like you."  I don't remember what I said back, but then she smirked and said she was just kidding!  Eye roll please.  My last two clients, I responded by telling them that every time they asked, I would add a minute to their time.  Not the most therapeutic answer, but I was a little done with being therapeutic at that point! :)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Be My Valentine

I picked up my client at school today and he said he had something for me and handed me a piece of paper. I didn't think much of it, because kids often give me things that they say they did for me that I know they are just digging out of their backpacks. But this one actually had my name on it! It was so sweet. He had folded the Valentine into an "envelope" that he had made.

A little ego boost, if I do say so myself!

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Our cousins hold a distinct place in our lives. They are our first friends, our first confidants. And although as we age and form friendships at school and in life, our cousins still hold a special place. At least that has been true in my life. This week, I celebrated the life of my cousin's wife, who passed away on Sunday. Although I did not grow up with Michelle, I have known her for around 10 years. And although I did not see her often because of distance, I feel like she has always been a Forsberg. Her death will leave a gaping hole in our family, as any death does. But her life will also be something we can celebrate through memories and stories. This week on Facebook, her friends and family have posted many tributes to her in order to process grief and loss. To know Michelle was to know her contagious smile and laugh. That sparkle in her gorgeous blue eyes. The fierce squeeze of her hugs. She lived life well. Michelle suffered from a kidney disease and was waiting for her third kidney. Most of the time, I would forget this about her, because it was not what defined her. She did not want others to see her pain or suffering. She wanted to enjoy being with you and focus on what you were doing with your life.

The bottom pictures are pictures from a cousin's party we had.  Michelle is in the Cubs shirt in the middle.
I don't know what was so funny, but of course, Michelle is front and center with her great laugh, doubled over! :)

That laugh will be something to miss, but also something to remember.

In death, Michelle was able to donate her beautiful eyes, so that someone would gain sight.  It was a hard week, but death has a way of reminding us how precious life is and how much we take our friends and family for granted.  I was honored to call Michelle my cousin.  Because I can't give her a great big hug anymore, I hope to remember that contagious hug and pass it on to others.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Blessings Jar 2016

This is my 4th year using a Blessings Jar to chronicle my year and recognize ways God has blessed me each day. It is one of my favorite things that I do each year, although I'll admit, that as the years have continued, I get bogged down sometimes. I think it is important to have something every day, but sometimes I forget to record anything for a week or week and a half. So, then, I have to sit and try to remember the blessing. Not quite what the activity had in mind. This year, I often turned my blessings into prayer or even into a praise, "Thank you, Lord, for..." This helped to refocus me a little bit this year. In 2017, I want to take that even further, and record actual prayer requests on the back so that I can look back at the end of the year and see what prayers God answered for me or for others that I am praying for.

And now, for some of the highlights of my blessings...

good sleep
dinner with friends
Scripture memory review
sunshine on snow
talks with friends
quiet days at home
units billed at work (this was a really good year after a couple of not so good years)
joys of Tuesday night Bible study
a group I led at work with my adult clients
serving at church
jeans in the summer
haircuts! (it made the jar twice!)
visits from family
productive days at home and work

And here are some specific entries:

January 3rd--"Thank you, Lord, that even though I often desire change in my life, the steadfast love of the Lord never changes."  Oh. my. goodness.  Did I bring 2016 on myself?  Since when do I desire change???  Apparently, 2015 had been a year of sameness and I wanted some things to change.  Just goes to show that we always want what we do not have!

January 12--4 year old client saying, "I love Teresa days!"

January 23--Thank you, Lord, for quiet days.

January 26--Thank you Lord, for people who will pray with me and for me

January 30--60 degrees in January?! (punctuation was original to the post! :) )

Feb 2--Thank you, Lord, for friends who pray.  And for friends who follow-up with prayer.  And for comfort in the midst of trials.  And for routine that keeps you going. (This was the week of my grandma's surgery)

Feb 25--in bed by 8:50, lights out at 10:00--feels so good

March 10--Lord, thank you for the motivation for Scripture memory and the desire to make it effective for knowing You more.

March 17--"dinner with Sarah to discuss co-leading Bible study"  Such a gift this was the latter part of the year.  Little did I know that the same time I was praying about approaching Sarah, she was making some changes in her own life that my co-leading would help.  God is so good!

April 22--Daniel's adoption!!!
                Surprised Dad for his birthday with Daynah

May 14--hit 30 pounds lost!!!

May 17--Sorry, Lord, for letting circumstances decide my mood--thank You for being in control and showing me grace upon grace!

June 4--spent the morning at soccer games in the rain
             spent the afternoon at Grandma's house.  She was in good spirits and joking and telling                        stories.  Was there to put her to bed and say goodnight.  (This was the last conversation I had              with her.  She passed away the next morning)

June 12--Grandma's funeral, meeting Aunt Thelma, spending time with family and sharing memories, saw the house where Grandma grew up

July 15--a not-so-good day with little sleep last night--thank you, Lord, that I can have a deep, abiding trust in You

August 24--Made an offer on a condo.  Eek!!

Sept 26--Thank you, Lord, for changes in seasons

October 7--Closed on my condo!

October 28--Moving day :)  Moving crew was AMAZING!

Nov 2--Went to Joe and Ginger's to watch the Cubs win the World Series!

Nov 29--gorgeous sunrise after lots of cloudy days...and a beautiful sunset.  Thank you, Lord, for the splendor of your majesty

Dec 19--Forsbergs arrived from Arizona!!!

Dec 31--New Year's Eve at Burkes.  Lots of games and fellowship!  Holding and playing with Mazie!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, 2016 was not a favorite year.  There were a lot of changes.  It was good to see the blessings in the midst of those changes.  This was also an emotional year to review.  I was surprised at how emotional I got reviewing my blessings, but am thankful to see how the Lord led me through each of those emotions, one by one.

And now for 2017...

Sunday, January 1, 2017

7th Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night

Another year of tradition!  We changed venues for the first time, hosting at Ginger's so that she could join us and we could have a little bit more room.
We had cookies...
And hot chocolate...

And movie choices.  The ornament secret ballot continued, even at a new place.

We chose Ice Sculpture Christmas.  It was a pretty good one.  And we cozied up by the light of the Christmas tree.

Group pictures are a must, so we can know who attends each year.
Another successful year, if I do say so myself.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

So long, farewell, 2016!

It seems like people on Facebook and I agree: we can't wait to see 2016 end.  I'll admit, I've been wishing 2016 away since March.  My mantra this year became, "It can't get worse..."  And then, in my mind, it did.  I'd give you the laundry list of things that happened in 2016, but frankly, some of them are private, some of them are between me and another person, and I just don't think it's worth airing for all the world to see (or my few faithful followers).

But, really, let's put some things into perspective.  My life is not horrible.  My life is not even half bad.  Blessings have happened this year, too.  Did the year turn out as I expected?  Absolutely not.  Am I guaranteed a better 2017?  Nope.  That is both scary and reassuring.  Whenever I would state my mantra, "It can't get worse, right?!" one of my friends (God bless her for her honesty) would say, "Teresa, it can."  I'm not promised a bed of roses, a pie in the sky type of life.  But I have a God who was not surprised by anything that 2016 threw at me, and I have to remember that He will not give me more than I can handle.  I'm hoping for a better 2017, I'll be honest, but if that is not what God has planned for me, than bring on the roller coaster!  With Jesus strapped in beside me, I know I can get to the end of the ride!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Decorating for Christmas 2016.

Same pictures, different venue.  My first decorating experience in the new condo.  I almost didn't buy a tree (the old tree was Emily's).  I had decided that I would wait until after Christmas and get a tree when it was on clearance.  But then the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Target had all their trees 50% off.  So, meet my new tree:
I also had to "make do" with half the lights because Emily and I split them.  I only know one way to decorate a tree, and I was a little afraid that I was going to have to decorate and de-decorate a few times because I thought I would run out of lights before I got to the top.  But, lo and behold, I managed to have one strand left over the first time!
And I may have watched all four episodes of Gilmore Girls both Saturday and Sunday.  I'd give a sheepish look, but I was on vacation, so I didn't really feel sheepish.  Saturday I watched with Daynah, Lydia, Hayden, and Emily (for the last two episodes).  Committed to watching with no distractions.  Sunday, Kinsey came over to watch and I decorated and watched at the same time.  Emily was here to help with lights and also watched the first two episodes, which she has missed the day before.  Don't judge! :)
Pretty, twinkly lights.  The tree is a little lopsided.  I couldn't figure out how to fix that. But it's still beautiful with lights and ornaments!
The other decorations had to find new places too.  The kitchen got some plates, glasses, and a Charlie Brown display.

Mom brought this small tree when she came for Thanksgiving (remember, I wasn't going to have a tree, so she wanted me to have something).  And then she left it, so I put it in the corner of the dining room.
Usually these decorations go on a bookshelf in the old living room, but the bookshelf is not downstairs anymore, so I used the new entertainment center instead!  Worked like a charm.

My new birds that I bought when I got my tree because I thought they were ADORABLE!
My 2015 ornament from Mom.  The new ornament always gets hung first. (Hanged?  I am never sure which is grammatically correct.)
Aunt Kathy bought this ornament for me as a housewarming present.  The snowman is even holding a key!

And there you have it, Christmas 2016 is up and running in the new condo!

Thanksgiving 2016

 This Thanksgiving I got volunteered to host the family meal.  I was a little skeptical at first, I'll admit.  Chris, Ann, and Mom couldn't host because they don't have a fully functioning kitchen.  So, I had a kitchen, and got named as the best place to host.  Even though I had no table, no door on one bedroom, no bed in another bedroom, and no curtains on one set of bedroom windows.  But I went to work.  I got a door, got a bed, ordered a table, didn't get the table in time, borrowed a table, borrowed a table cloth to cover the table, and was ready to host.  Phew!  Here are pictures in no particular order, mostly because I couldn't figure out how to put them in order!
 I decided I needed a centerpiece, so this is what I came up with. Yes, I crafted it myself!  I was impressed, too!

 And then I got the guest rooms ready.  An air mattress for the boys.  And the new guest bed for Chris and Ann.  Mom slept in my room with me.

 We played games a lot.  which is wonderful!  Also, note that we decided there would no dressing up this Thanksgiving.  Four out of six of us stayed in our pajamas and may or may not have showered.  I taught Michael how to play Uno.  We played Blokus and Sorry, and did puzzles (lots and lots of puzzles).  And Ann and I played Scattegories.
 The table is set!
 Right as we began to prepare food, Michael thought it would be a fun idea to line up all of his trucks between the kitchen and dining area.  We adjusted.  No serious injuries happened.
 John did a dot to dot.  It made me happy.
 Meet Fred (left) and Buster (right).  I've had Buster since I was in high school.  John has had Fred since before that.  Just kidding, he got Fred sometime in the last 9 years.  We had no idea they were long lost cousins.  Actually, I had an idea because I told John about Buster the first time I met Fred, but no one else remembered that!  Buster and Fred hung out all during Thanksgiving.
 Ann promised Chris that she wouldn't post this picture on social media.  But I did not.  Chris did not want his picture taken because of the whole pajama/no shower thing.
 The food ready to be consumed!
 Chris: the official turkey carver.
 John and Michael really got into helping with the food prep.  Above: Making mashed potatoes.  Below: Learning how to peel carrots.

 I love the sincerity on John's face and the goofiness on Michael's face!

 Another picture from Uno.  I just wanted everyone to know that I was enjoying myself, since the other pictures looked questionable.  Also, by John is Shoot the Moon, a game we played as kids at Grandma and Grandpa Forsberg's that Mom got for me one Christmas.  The boys enjoyed trying to master it.
 The boys way of helping make Jello mold: sampling before it goes into the fridge!

And helping to stir a little bit!

My first hosting of any holiday ever.  I feel like it was a great success!  Especially since hosting did not include cooking the turkey, just buying it! :)