Saturday, August 19, 2017

Pay off car: check!

I drive a lot for my job.  Because of that, I get paid quite a bit of mileage when I drive.  Soon after I got my job 11 years ago, I decided I wanted another car, so I bought a Civic Hybrid.  I had the Civic for 7 years but paid it off in 4 (I think).  My budget allowed me to continue to put my mileage checks into savings for my next car.  Two and a half years ago, a little earlier than I had hoped, the Hybrid started having some problems.  Instead of putting money into the car, I decided to buy a new car.  I had been hoping to pay outright with the money I had saved, but didn't have quite enough, so I've had a car payment for a couple of years.  But today, I wrote the last check for that car payment!  Adios car debt!  Hello, saving for the next car!

Thursday, August 17, 2017


These little pom poms are Quincy's all time favorite toy.  I discovered this by accident because he chewed a pom pom off of one of his toys.  But then I was afraid he was going to lose it.  So I found a bag of a whole lot of them at Hobby Lobby.  I'm down to half a bag.  Quincy never leaves the condo.  Hence, the pom poms also should never leave the condo.  However, there are currently about 20 of them mysteriously missing.  I have always called these pom pom, "poofs", but I recently realized it is an apt name because we are currently losing them at about 2 per day.  Sometimes he is playing with one in my presence, I turn away for two seconds, I turn back and there is nothing there.  I don't think he is eating them, but seriously!  In case you are going to suggest it, I regularly check under the couches, in the couch cushions, and behind closet doors.  Nothing.  He has me stumped.  Good thing these cost me about $2 and I have plenty of them, so I can hand them out freely.  Usually he gets one in the morning to occupy him while I am getting ready (his favorite game is to get it stuck under the scale so I have to fetch it for him).  He also gets a new one in the evening when I am trying to exercise if I can't find any other ones around!

So, if you ever come to visit, we might spend some time hunting for poofs!