Thursday, August 17, 2017


These little pom poms are Quincy's all time favorite toy.  I discovered this by accident because he chewed a pom pom off of one of his toys.  But then I was afraid he was going to lose it.  So I found a bag of a whole lot of them at Hobby Lobby.  I'm down to half a bag.  Quincy never leaves the condo.  Hence, the pom poms also should never leave the condo.  However, there are currently about 20 of them mysteriously missing.  I have always called these pom pom, "poofs", but I recently realized it is an apt name because we are currently losing them at about 2 per day.  Sometimes he is playing with one in my presence, I turn away for two seconds, I turn back and there is nothing there.  I don't think he is eating them, but seriously!  In case you are going to suggest it, I regularly check under the couches, in the couch cushions, and behind closet doors.  Nothing.  He has me stumped.  Good thing these cost me about $2 and I have plenty of them, so I can hand them out freely.  Usually he gets one in the morning to occupy him while I am getting ready (his favorite game is to get it stuck under the scale so I have to fetch it for him).  He also gets a new one in the evening when I am trying to exercise if I can't find any other ones around!

So, if you ever come to visit, we might spend some time hunting for poofs!

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