Sunday, March 10, 2019

A New Pantry

One thing I am blessed with in my condo is a really big kitchen with a lot of counter top space and cabinets.  And on top of that, I have a big pantry. But I have always been a little frustrated with the pantry because the space was not utilized very well and the shelves were ugly metal.  No matter how much I tried to organize the pantry, it always looked like a tornado had gone through it.  One of the things that stressed me out about home ownership is that I do not have a single handy bone in my body.  And I don't have a desire to learn handy things (some of my friends have loved this about home ownership, but it's not for me!)  So, I asked a friend if he could add some new shelves into the pantry.  It is amazing what two extra shelves does for a space!  And we put in pretty white shelves rather than ugly, metal shelves.
 Quincy, of course, felt he needed to be a part of the process!
 Above is a before picture.  I forgot to take the picture before I started unloading all the food, so the shelves are normally much more full than that!
 After.  The shelves are a little deeper and the top shelf is about half the size so that I could put a shelf up higher to store things that I don't use as often, such as the crockpot.
And it's full.  At first I was shocked at how full it became.  I thought I would have empty space since I have two new shelves. But I think the shelves just allowed me to spread things out a little and not hide things behind other things.  

I am humbled by the people in my life who are willing to do things for me that I cannot do myself.  This simple project would never have gotten done without help!