Saturday, May 30, 2009

God knows best!

And isn't that the most wonderful news we could get! I am so blessed to be loved by a Father who knows my inmost being. I was encouraged by several different people yesterday in very insignificant ways, but they BLESSED THE SOCKS off of me because of that encouragement! They didn't know that I needed it. Frankly, I didn't know I needed it until it came. But each encouragement brought tears to my eyes. However, even though I was moving through my day like normal, not realizing I just needed the blessing of a few simple words, God knew. He knew exactly what words needed to be said at exactly the right time! How awesome is that?!

I memorized a Scripture for the Bible study I am doing right now and it has spoken to me through the past couple of weeks. John 1:16 says "From the fullness of His grace, we have all received one blessing after another." God does not seek to give one person a little blessing, but he seeks to give ALL His children blessing upon blessing spilling forth out of the fullness of His grace. It's as if He can't or doesn't want to contain it for Himself and so it bursts forth onto each of us over and over. Oh, if I could just remember this in the day to day. See, even just thinking about it is bringing tears to my eyes! Have you experienced His one blessing after another in your life today? Oh, I hope you can recognize it when it comes!

Friday, May 29, 2009

My week of woe without complaining!

Today, I met a coworker in the hall and said, "GOOD MORNING! The sun is shining! The printer is working! And the lights are on!" She laughed and agreed that it was a very good morning. Needless to say it was an intersting week, but it ended well, and it made for some good stories. But I'm done complaining about it, so I can't give you the details. Well, here are the highlights...2 cancellations, 4 reschedules, air conditioners getting installed, 6 hour power outtage, broken printer, 2 early mornings to complete paperwork, and a partridge in a pear tree! Actually, looking back, most of the week was pretty comical.

But now to look forward to the weekend. I'm going to the Cherry Festival to listen to Cherry-oke tonight. Tomorrow I get to go to the CIRCUS! I am so excited. No one else can understand, but for some reason I am like a kid wanting to go to the circus. Hopefully I will have pictures and lots of stories! Then I'm hanging with friends to watch the movie Taken. I've heard really good things about it and was bummed that I didn't see it in the theater, so I'm excited because I get to watch it on a big screen TV.

Only 13 more days until I go to Texas and 37 more days until my birthday.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guess who else is turning 30?

I was listening to the radio this morning and found out that the Dust Buster turned 30 today!
Here is a picture of my very own dust buster. I got it for Christmas several years ago. Yes, I asked for it. I couldn't resist the pretty pinkness of it. It makes vacuuming up spiders, my hair, and other such things much more pleasant. But I never knew that it is the same age as I am. Well, this particular style is obviously a little newer, but you get the concept!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Blogging Conundrum

Warning: This blog will flow forth in a stream of consciousness that may not make sense at all times :).

So, here's the conundrum. I want to blog: I have nothing to blog. I have something to blog: I don't have time to blog. I get an idea in my head: I forget it when actually in front of the computer.

I'm bummed right now because my computer will not play the music video I want it to without stop---pause, pause, pause---ing and---pause, pause, pause---star---pause, pause, pause---ting. It is somewhat, almost completely, annoying me to no end. It just took me my whole meal of leftover chinese food to listen to "Whatever It Is" by the Zac Brown Band. Very irritating. But I'm stupid enough that I'm going to try it again. Hmmm, actually, so far, so good!

I had a three and a half day weekend that turned into a four day weekend ending with not a lot of sleep (well, I guess it didn't officially end yet). I took Friday off to go on a really quick trip to St. Louis. And by quick I mean, lunch and a game of Settlers in the park and then on the road again. But it was well worth it for many reasons...
1. I got to hang out for 6 hours in the car with Kari, Kim, and LaNae. And where there are four girls in a car, much fun is always to be had!
2. I got to see Lauren, one of the girls we met in Thailand last year. This was the actual reason for the trip. Lauren was in St. Louis for the week visiting a friend and going to her brother's graduation. [pause to switch songs to "more like her" by Miranda Lambert.][longer pause to look for a picture I couldn't find plus switching to listen to "Famous in a Small Town" by Miranda Lambert]
3. I got to eat at Chipotle! YUMMY! Normally, I wouldn't recommend driving 3 hours to eat a meal. But, in this case, it was really good, so I might recommend it some of the time!
4. I got to play Settlers in a park. Interesting concept, especially without a table. I didn't win, but I helped the longest road card travel between several people :). The moral of the story, if you know you're not going to win and you're tired of trying, be nice to other players and give them what they want so that they might be able to win.
5. Did I mention the 6 hours in the car with great friends?!
6. We stopped for ice cream on the way home. Wendy's for Frosty's. Oh, the joy! [replaying "famous in a small town" because I can and I like it!] I only got a little on my lap while driving!
7. It was a day off of work!

Oh, as for the random account of the time I had off. I was supposed to work this morning even though it was a holiday. I need the client hours and had the morning available. Last night I was regretting scheduling clients but I was trying to be a big girl. I called work to check messages to see if the family cancelled. No such luck. I had friends over, so I graciously went to bed at 12:30 but didn't fall asleep until after 2:00. I think it was the ice cream at 9:00, but I'm not sure. Alarm clock went off bright and early at 7:25. Got in the shower, spent some time with the Lord, crawled back in bed for a 10 minute nap, decided to check my messages again. The mom called at 8:00 this morning to cancel. Turns out her daughters went on a camping trip on Friday that they wouldn't be back from until this afternoon. Sigh. Mom could have called and left a message at any point in time over the weekend and I would have been able to sleep in. By this time I was too awake to fall back to sleep [switched to "then" by Brad Paisley] although I did take a little bit of a nap after I exercised.

Saturday I went over to Dad and Amy's to help stain the arbor out back. The first year I was back in Illinois I helped do this and remembered having fun, so I volunteered this time around too. As it turns out, I have a warped memory when it comes to "fun"! Oh, well, at least I got two meals and Theo's out of the deal. And, while I know that Daynah has way outgrown me, it still hurts to have it confirmed! :). Three years ago when we stained, dad made some makeshift scaffolding out of some plywood between two ladders. He did the same thing this time, but Daynah and I couldn't share the scaffolding like we did before because at my height, she had to duck and at her height, I had to stretch too much to make it worth my while. So, we each got our own scaffolding. [now for "ticks" by brad]

I think that might be the highlights of my weekend, and let's face it, the last couple of weeks. Which brings me back to the blogging conundrum...what do you do when your life is boring and there's nothing much to blog about? [oh man, "ticks" is breaking up too. Bummer. Trying a different video. Nope, that one doesn't work either.] Well, I need to go cut up fruit for a picnic later anyway. Thanks for reading this incredibly long post about nothingness! Have a great rest of the holiday weekend!

Hmmm, it's not giving me the option to spell-check my post. Now the dilemma becomes, do I post it or wait until I can edit it. It's awfully long to not check for spelling errors. Plus, I have no idea if I spelled conundrum correctly, and that's the fourth time I've used it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Something about a boat...

I was trying to think of a clever title and thought there might be a Jimmy Buffett song about a boat, but I couldn't come up with it fast enough...Anyhoo...

Does anyone have a boat I can borrow? I'm beginning to think that that is what I will need in order to get from point A to point B if the rain doesn't stop soon. Think of the workout I could get if I had a canoe that I could row to and from my clients' houses!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

28 Days

Nope, not days until my birthday.
And not a post about the Sandra Bullock movie.
Days until my VACATION!!!!
I'm going to Texas to visit friends. It's official. I bought my ticket last night. Which made me finally able to get REALLY excited. I get to meet the twins, Clare and Lucy. I get to spend 3-4 days with my friend Lisa (who will hopefully take me to Chick-fil-a, a movie, and possibly sprinkler dashing). I get to spend 3-4 days with Danell, Ken, and the twins. I haven't actually been in Danell's presence since she has taken on her new role as a mom, so I am very excited to be able to see her! She told me the other day that we're going to take the girls for their 6 month pictures while I am there. I am looking forward to being a big help for them. Who knows, I might actually be a nuisance, but I'll try to be a big help!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just call me Grandma

I was talking to one of my coworkers (sorry for stealing your story Jill. I hope it's okay that I posted this!). She has a new client whose grandmother became a grandmother at 29. Clearly, I was appalled by this, but it really hit home when I realized that I am 29. Could any of you imagine me as a grandma???? I mean, I know I have the gray hair, but other than that, I don't feel or look grandmotherly. We also started doing the math and realized that if the earlier pregnancy trend continues, this is what could happen:
Grandmother at 29
Great-Grandmother at 44
Great-great grandmother at 59
Great-great-great grandmother at 74
Great-great-great-great grandmother at 89.

Wow! What a legacy! And that's only if the next children have a baby at 15 instead of 14!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Not only is today May 5, but it is also the day I turn 358 months old! (that also means only 61 days until my birthday!) :) In celebration one of my clients got sick and I got to get off work about 3 hours earlier than I normally do on a Tuesday! Which also means I have time to exercise, which I don't really want to do, but I probably should. But I'm procrastinating by blogging and watching an episode of Alias.