Monday, March 28, 2016

sun. roof.

When I bought my car last year, I wanted the push button start, which was an upgrade. The Civic upgrade only came with a sunroof. I was very against the sunroof, but the push button start won out, so a sunroof I recieved.

It is now one of my favorite features in my car, especially in the spring and fall when it lets in the crisp air.  And that beautiful sunshine.  I love it!

A Day Off? Sure!

Work has been a bit crazy for me lately, so coming up to Easter, I decided it was a good time to take a couple of days off--Good Friday and Easter Monday.  I anticipated these days off probably more than I should!  I have not been sleeping well the last week so I was extremely tired going into the weekend.  The four nights of this break, I never went to bed later than 10:30!  Because I have been waking up extremely early (anyone want to hang out from 3am to 4am?  I'm your gal!), I decided getting to bed early was a priority.  The weekend was filled with fun and relaxation.  But this Monday was spectacular.  I finally saw a decently restful night of sleep!  Which allowed me to get a lot done today and still feel like I relaxed.  I shopped (a lot!) and finally found jeans that aren't too long for me! (At Target of all places).  This particular hunt for jeans left me discouraged on Saturday after about four stores, and led to me being very dramatic and stating, "I guess I won't wear pants this summer!"  I also got back into an exercise routine.  Last week I just fell off the wagon.  And then I ate a ton this weekend.  Something had to change!  And I was able to read and spend more time than usual in Bible study.  And meet a friend for lunch.  And cook a casserole for lunches for the week.  And wash my sheets.  And paint my fingernails and toenails.  Like I said, it was a productively relaxing day which was much needed.  If I had had to go to work today, I might have cried myself to sleep last night because I was still so tired.  But I feel more ready to face the rest of the work week having had today off.

Sorry this was such a boring post after being gone for so long.  Sometimes I have to get my toes wet before I jump in.  So maybe more posts will flow after this!