Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Many Naps of Quincy

Beware, cuteness overload...and a lot of pictures...I might have an obsession...

 This was he first time I found him napping not on me while I was home.

 The above four pictures were a progression of a nap.  He was deeply asleep and would stand up and plop into the new position.

 I love how he is wrapped around the pillow!
 Couldn't make it into the basket...
 I love when his paws are near his face.
 He maybe could get closer to my face, but I'm not sure!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

June 3rd, AKA Daynah and Hayden's WEDDING DAY!

June is the month of weddings. And my life was no exception. We started the month off with preparation for the wedding...decorating, shopping, more decorating...
Josh was lucky enough to help unload the car after all the shopping.  I made him pose for this picture after I told him he should go into the kitchen and tell everyone, "I carried a watermelon."  It still cracks me up.  He had no idea I was quoting Dirty Dancing, but he still humored me by posing for the picture.  I love my brother.
I also love my sister!  Who is now a married lady!  This was at the rehearsal dinner.
I was able to hang out with her and the bridesmaids while they were getting ready.  Always a fun time.

Pictures before the wedding.  She looks like a princess.
Dad was a ball of nerves, but you wouldn't know it by this picture.
The bridesmaids!
More waiting, so we took more pictures.  She looks so happy and ready to get this show on the road!
Giving away the bride.
Vows.  Awe...
Exchanging of rings.
The kiss.
A prayer for the new Mr. and Mrs.
And I present to you...Mr. and Mrs. Fox.