Saturday, January 6, 2018

Books I have read

One of my friends shared an image on Facebook of a printable page where your children can write in the spines of books each book they have read for 2018.  I thought it was such a good idea!  I love to read, but I have never actually tracked the books I have read in a year and I thought it would be interesting to see the list at the end of he year!  I didn't print the page, but am just going to keep a list in the notes on my phone so it is easily accessible.  Maybe I'll share the list at the end of the year.

Happy reading everyone!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Peaking Over

This phrase, "peaking over," was in one of the Christmas letters I received and I loved the image it portrayed.  2017 is done.  It is like I am on this journey to climb a mountain with lots of peaks along the way (38 so far).  I'm at the peak of 2017 and can look back and see the whole year, January way in the distance and December just within reach.  But now I face the next journey and I'm just barely peaking over into 2018. 

2016 was a rough year for me with lots of changes, with a big loss, and with lots of little trials along the way.  2017 was much calmer, less emotional, and more even-keel.  I needed a year like that.  It started with a significant loss, my cousin.  But then I feel like I sailed through with hardly any bumps or bruises.

I always like to take the beginning of the year to take a breath and think about the next year.  A couple of days ago, I started re-reading a book, None Like Him, by Jen Wilkin.  I HIGHLY recommend it!  It is a book about how we try to attain to the attributes of God that only He can possess.  She says, "We are capable of bearing [God's] image as we were intended only when we embrace our limits.  Image-bearing means becoming fully human, not becoming divine.  It means reflecting as a limited being the perfections of a limitless God."  I want to rest this year in the knowledge that I don't have to be perfect.  I don't have to live up to the expectations of others.  I don't have to be afraid of what others think.  I only have to seek to glorify a limitless, perfect God and to bear His image to others.  This is my goal for 2018. 

I also want to go on more adventures.  I really want to take a vacation somewhere other than on my couch!  My vacations the last two years have been staycations, which are great, but I have felt this need to get away for almost a year now.  I don't want to keep putting off doing something.  The big problem is, I'm a horrible planner.  So, if anyone wants to plan a vacation for me, you would be my friend for life (and you could even go with me if you want!)

Happy New Year to all of you!