Saturday, August 19, 2017

Pay off car: check!

I drive a lot for my job.  Because of that, I get paid quite a bit of mileage when I drive.  Soon after I got my job 11 years ago, I decided I wanted another car, so I bought a Civic Hybrid.  I had the Civic for 7 years but paid it off in 4 (I think).  My budget allowed me to continue to put my mileage checks into savings for my next car.  Two and a half years ago, a little earlier than I had hoped, the Hybrid started having some problems.  Instead of putting money into the car, I decided to buy a new car.  I had been hoping to pay outright with the money I had saved, but didn't have quite enough, so I've had a car payment for a couple of years.  But today, I wrote the last check for that car payment!  Adios car debt!  Hello, saving for the next car!

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