Sunday, December 3, 2017

Setting up Christmas!

I don't know why I always feel the need to post pictures of setting up Christmas. It looks the same every year, but I like to reference the blog sometimes to answer questions like, "where did I put this last year?"  So really, this is for me, not for you :)  But I'll let you look if you want!

The main difference this year is...the cat.  He made decorating an interesting (and sometimes stressful) experience.  Stressful mostly because I didn't know what to expect from him.  Christmas stuff has been up for over a week and I still check the tree first thing when I walk in the door to see if it's standing.
"helping put up the lights"
Above: He really just wanted to nap and was a little perturbed that I was not sitting in one place for him to do that.  So he forced his way onto my lap anyway.
Supervising the efforts!
This year I stressed about where to put the nativity.  It's pretty expensive and took several years to collect, so I don't really want the cat knocking over the pieces.  Last year I put it in the bay window, but that was most definitely out of the question this year!  It's on my side table.  So far, I've only seen the pieces moved around once or twice.
One of the sets of decorations on one of the bay windows.
The tree with all of its lights.  I waited a couple of days to put the ornaments on.  Someone suggested letting him acclimate to the tree and it would be less likely he would pay attention to the ornaments.  I put the lights on Friday and ornaments on Monday.
My new 2016 ornament from Mom.  I always hang my new ornament first!
All the ornaments on!
The glow of the tree with no other lights on in the room.
The tree sans lights.  Sometimes I like to leave the lights off so I can better see all my ornaments!
The decorations on the TV stand.
The bay window.  I "had" to buy a few new decorations since I couldn't put the nativity set in the window this year.
The centerpiece on the table.  I bought the wheelbarrow for fall decorations but realized I could use it for Christmas too!
Pretty kitty in the lights!

I also have a little two foot tree that I decided to put upstairs in my spare room.

It was a little too much temptation for Quincy.
After three knock overs I took some drastic measures!  Actually, I don't think he was purposefully knocking it over.  I mean, technically he was messing with the tree, but it is small and fairly unstable, so it was falling easily.  The funny thing is, I don't have a skirt for this tree, so if you walk into the room, this is really what you see!

The other reason I share all my decorations is because I realized that I spend all this time putting it up, and hardly anyone comes over, so not very many people actually sees the decorations.  Now, I can share with more people.

Merry Christmas!

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