Sunday, December 3, 2017

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day started very differently for me. I woke up in my own home. It was the first year in a long time that I didn't have to travel for Thanksgiving. Unless you count driving across town as travelling.  I got to Dad and Amy's about 11 and hung out with Amy and talked for a while.  There were two "kids" (they are all actually adults, but of the just-barely-adults variety) from Arizona and Caitlyn (also an Arizona kid, but she's going to school in Peoria).  Amy and I talked about doing a puzzle and were surprised when everyone wanted to join us.  It was like my dream come true, everyone sitting around doing puzzles (we actually finished two!  A 500 piece and a 1,000 piece).

And of course we ate lots and lots of food.  This is the only picture of the food that I took!
Daynah and Hayden came later in the evening and I was able to meet Nahla, their new kitty.  If anybody wonders, it did not make me want another kitten!
And of course Elleigh, the monstrous puppy, hung out with us too. 

It was nice to be close to home.  I left their house around 10:00 and had to drive past the mall to get home.  Traffic was almost worse than a normal Saturday!

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