Friday, December 14, 2012

Dressing up for your dad

On Wednesday I was preparing my client for the fact that I would not see her for two weeks because I would be on vacation.  When she started bargaining with me to only miss one week, I had to help her understand better that I would not be working and would not be close by. 
Client: "Well, where are you going?" 
Me: "To see my dad and he lives far away."
Client: "Are you going to dress up?  You should dress up!"
Me: "Probably not..."
Client: "You should wear something pretty.  And the earrings you wore last week!"

She was so excited, I just agreed with her.  Do I remember what earrings I wore last week when I saw her? Nope.  Am I planning on wearing a hoodie sweatshirt to get on the plane next week?  Yep.  I hope Dad calls that dressed up! :)

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