Monday, December 3, 2012

What a difference 6 years makes

The first winter I lived in Illinois, the first weekend in December started with a really bad snowstorm.  It iced on Thursday and then Thursday evening it started snowing, covering all the ice with at least half a foot of snow.  No one went anywhere on Friday, which was December 1.  The plows didn't make it down our street until sometime Saturday afternoon, I think.  I made someone come pick me up for church on Sunday and then the first time I attempted to drive, even though I didn't really want to, was Monday. 

Fast forward 6 years and you get this weekend, also the first weekend in December.  Sunday I wore a knee-length skirt to church with high healed sandals and short sleeves.  Today I wore flip-flops, jeans, and a short sleeved shirt.

The reality is, I prefer something in between scenario number one and scenario number two.  I'm not really complaining about the warmer weather even if it's not what I would wish for.  I was a little hot Friday and Saturday night while I slept, but flip-flops and jeans is my favorite clothing option, so I can't really complain.

However, just to make a point...all of you warm weather people would only understand what I'm going through if we had snow in July.

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