Friday, October 7, 2016

I'm a homeowner

Condo owner, technically.  I don't feel any different.  Someone told me through this process that it was the most adult-like she felt, even more than getting married.  At some point it will sink in.

 Here I am, unlocking the door for the first time. Or not.  Funny story (because what would a Teresa experience be without a funny story?!).  I could NOT get the keys to unlock the door when I went over.  I jiggled.  I tried the key not quite all the way in.  I turned left and right.  Nothing.  I finally had to call the realtor.  Long story short, I had to wait a few hours to get in, and the key did work. I just didn't stand on one foot, upside down, and say the three magic words for it to open.  And don't worry, I already have a new knob to replace it!
 This is the view from the bay window in the living room.  Two of the bedrooms also face this view.
And this is the view of the living room from my "couch".

I'm excited for the coming process.  I'm painting next weekend but probably not moving in until the end of October.  More pictures to come once I get settled.

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