Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here's how my Monday revealed that my roommate may possibly be wearing off on me a teensy, weensy little bit :) Don't worry....she agrees. And she laughs...

I got to work and opened the car door, automatically hitting the lock button. But then I realized I was blocking the parking space next to me while I gathered my stuff together, so I shut the door until I was finished. When I went to get out of the car, the door wouldn't open because it was locked. So, I hit the unlock button and it wouldn't work. So, I manually unlocked it, only to set off the panic alarm. So, then I panic and turn for my car keys. But I can't find them. In the few minutes it took to gather my stuff I managed to misplace them. So, I tried opening and closing the door. Didn't work. I tried inserting the spare key (which I had driven with and knew where it was). Didn't work. Finally found my keys and started hitting buttons. Didn't work. Got back out of the car and continued hitting buttons. Finally, the alarm turned off. At least one coworker witnessed some of this. How embarrassing! :)

Fast forward about 10 hours. I was meeting with a friend at 8:00 to review Scripture memory. I decided to go to Walmart before that to do my grocery shopping. So, I left the apartment at 7:15, got to Walmart, and picked up all my groceries in record time. I got to the counter and put my stuff on the conveyor, waiting for the customer ahead of me to be finished. Dug through my purse for my wallet so that I would be ready to scan my debit card as soon as she started scanning my groceries. Hmmm...oh, there's my ipod, chapstick, a couple pens, late birthday card, directions to my friend's house, my grocery list, cell phone, keys, etc., etc. BUT no wallet. SIGH. It was still safe in my apartment in my work bag. When I got in the car, I realized I had enough time to go back to the apartment and get my wallet so that maybe I could go back to Walmart after I met with Amy. As I walked into the apartment, surprising Emily, I explained the situation. Grabbed my wallet, and was heading out the door. On the way out I said, "Emily, I think you're wearing off on me." When I got in the car, I felt guilty because I hoped that comment didn't offend her, but later, she said she laughed because she had been thinking the same thing when I was walking out the door! I also got finished at Amy's too late to go shopping, so I went tonight.

Two scatterbrained things in the same day...not typical for me!

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