Sunday, March 2, 2014

'Tis the Season, Take 2

As I told you last week, it is wedding central here in Central Illinois! Today I had the privilege of attending Josh and Becky's wedding.  I have known Becky most of my 8 years living in Illinois.  I've been on adventures with her, done Bible studies with her, went to a Beth Moore conference with her, and watched 4 years worth of cheesy Christmas movies with her.  And that is just a short list of time I have spent with Becky.  The saddest part of her wedding day is that Josh is taking her away to Nebraska. :(  But we all tried not to think of that while we celebrated with her yesterday.
Above is the full bridal party.  This was another great ceremony that was full of worship and where Christ was central in the ceremony.
Exchanging vows.
A sweet prayer together.  I didn't get a picture of it, but toward the end of the ceremony, Becky and Josh's parents came up and prayed with the couple.  Very sweet.
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Peppers!  I love Josh's face in this picture!
There was a photo booth at the reception and I very excitedly rounded up the Cheesy Christmas Movie Night gals for some pictures.  I love these girls.  We even found some reindeer ears for me to wear for the picture!  Becky will be the second of the group to move away.  But we keep adding to our numbers every year, so hopefully we can continue the tradition.
Susan and I at the reception.  I had a great time laughing with the people I was seated with.  God has blessed me with some great friends!

Congratulations Becky and Josh!  It was a beautiful day and I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with you!

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