Sunday, February 22, 2009

What makes you feel like you're 5 years old?

So, I have now been sick for 3 weeks and counting. I've just decided that I'm never going to be better. Once I decided that, it made it slightly easier to move on with my life. Well, I don't know if I actually moved on since I have been laying on the couch all day. Anyway, this last week I have moved into the coughing phase of this lovely cold. Because of that, I have been taking cough syrup. I usually avoid cough syrup at all costs because it makes me feel like I am 5 years old. I have a memory as a child of my mom and dad both administering cough syrup to me and practically having to pin me down to get me to take it. Unfortunately, as an adult, I still get a major gag reflex, have to have a huge glass of water, and something to eat to wash down all remnants of the taste of the cough syrup. Maybe I'll never grow up!


Anonymous said...

Go see a doctor!!! :) :) Love, Mom

stormhuse said...

Wow, I always loved cough syrup. Especially the cherry kind. Hmm, I might go take some right now - let me know if it makes you feel better.

Dawn said...

I agree with you, Teresa & your Mom!
I hope you get well soon!