Sunday, December 19, 2010

Busy but oh so good!

I am currently blogging from my mom's apartment in Chicago. I will soon be saying goodbye and heading back to Peoria where I will work tomorrow and then get on a plane on Tuesday for Arizona!

I was so excited on Friday to see my last client for the next TWO WEEKS! As much as I enjoy my job, I am ready for a break. I have to go in tomorrow to get a ton of paperwork done before I can officially be on vacation.

It has been fun to spend time with Chris, Ann, and John. I wish I had a little sound bite so everyone could hear how John says my name. He draws out the ee's, like Treesa, but I also think he says it with a little bit of a southern accent. So cute!

As has become my norm, I brought my camera but didn't ever take it out of my bag. Why should I when I travel with the paparazzi! So, I have some stories to tell, but they will be better told with pictures along with them, so I will wait until mom makes a disk of her pictures for me.

Maybe I'll post some stuff while in Arizona, but it might be a week before you hear from me again.

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Danell said...

you need to blog about Arizona!!