Monday, December 13, 2010

Thinking in Facebook Status Updates

Sometimes, as I'm going through my day, status updates run through my mind. Sometimes I think it's a little sickening. Sometimes it amuses me. Sometimes I think people would de-friend me if I put all the status updates on Facebook as I think them. So, most of them I think to myself. Then I remembered, wait...I have a blog too, I can just put them there! :) Here are some from this evening:

I drank milk out of the carton for the first time in probably about 15 years!

I just went outside to get something out of my car in shorts, snow boots, and my winter coat! The thermometer read 8.2 degrees! I almost took a picture of myself after I looked in the mirror :)

I got more accomplished in two hours at home this evening than I did all day yesterday being snowed in. Exercised, finished Christmas cards, paid some bills. Getting ready to eat dinner, wrap some Christmas presents, and then watch Hawaii Five-O.

There's a peak into my evening and my mind! :)

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Ann said...

It's funny you say that. I "think in Facebook updates" all the time! Sometimes when something FB worthy happens I will say aloud to whomever I am with "that's a post". It is a sign of the times. :)