Saturday, March 16, 2013

Feeling a little guilty

I don't often feel that guilt to buy things when kids are selling various stuff outside of the grocery store.  I'm pretty good about smiling, saying no thank you, and walking right on by.  But today, in the wind and cold and sprinkles, Boy Scout's were selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts outside of Walmart.  I just knew I was going to buy some.  Not because I love Krispy Kreme, because I immediately thought, "What would I do with them if I bought them?"  But because I was that kid in high school for several years in a row, selling Krispy Kreme at an intersection close to my house to raise funds for the yearbook.  I remember one year that it was raining.  Usually I roped my two best friends into helping and they spent the night with me and then we stayed up most of the night.  And then we had to meet the van at the school at like 4 am to pick up the doughnuts.  There are some good memories to it, but really just a sense of dread that these kids were having to sell them.  So I thought I would be a good person and buy a box.  DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THEY COST? $7.00.  So I smiled and said "No thank you."  And got in my car and felt GUILT. :)  I almost just gave them five dollars and called it a day, but then I remembered those people who used to do that when I was selling and I would get so frustrated because I still had to sell the box they didn't take!  So I didn't even go back and give them any money.  Poor kids, they are probably still standing out in the cold trying to sell that one last box...

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