Sunday, December 1, 2013

Funny Faces Photo Shoot

 I wish this first picture had sound effects.  Every time John fake cries, Michael imitates him and it is Oh. So. Cute.  I joined in.  Probably not as cute.
 Hey...I think we are all smiling.
 And there goes John's funny face...
 Which started a trend...

 And another smiley one.
 Michael giving me a fishy kiss.  If you could zoom in on the picture you could see his fishy lips.
And for a self-portrait.  I told him to smile.  Not so much.

On a side note.  That Buzz Lightyear blanket we are snuggled blanket in the whole house.  I adopt it as my own when I am there.  If they ever decide to get rid of it, I hope they remember how much I like it.  I don't care if it has Buzz Lightyear on it.

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Anonymous said...

Super cute pictures! You look great in your self portrait with michael :-) i like the face he made! -Michele