Tuesday, December 3, 2013

'Tis the Season

I got sick the week of Thanksgiving and didn't sleep very well because of coughing on Saturday night, so I wasn't feeling well on Sunday. I skipped church to sleep in and lay on the couch. The problem: the Sunday after Thanksgiving is the day we always decorate the apartment for Christmas. When Emily got home we had a long discussion about whether we were going to decorate. I had a feeling if we didn't do it Sunday it might not happen. So I sucked it up.
The problem with always wanting to take pictures while we decorate is that I get really hot while putting lights on.  So I'm always dressed to sweat :).  I told Emily she could only take a picture of me if I was behind the tree.  But we wanted to document the fact that we had four chairs and the bench so that I wouldn't have to get up and down every few strands.  One year I'll take my hair down and put on some Christmasy clothes to take decorating pictures.
The book shelf.  The nativity got moved back to the big shelf since my brother took his ice box and I couldn't put it on top of that.  But I'm not bitter. :)
Decorating Day wouldn't be complete without pizza for dinner.
The counter into the kitchen.
And the final product.  We had two strands left over this year.  Emily said that we were just getting more efficient.  I think I just wanted to get done faster because I didn't know if I would last through the normal decorating procedure.  Just over two hours and all the lights were on.  So, this is the tree with 3000 lights on it.  Not too shabby.

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