Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Teresa, you ARE funny!"

I was just reading through some stuff I've written on my blog and on Facebook and was laughing at myself.  I probably shouldn't admit that to all the world, but this is a safe place, people!

Laughing at how funny I apparently think I am made me think of a quote from my college roommate.  I knew Holly before we went to college but not very well.  Then, we bonded the summer before college at a freshman orientation weekend.  And then we continued to become better and better friends our freshman year, which resulted in us rooming together our sophomore, junior, and senior years.  I'm not sure exactly when this quote came about, but it was either our junior or senior year.  Actually, it was our senior year, because that was the only year Holly's bunk was above mine.  It was late one night and we were already in bed and were just talking.  I said something, that must have been hilarious (because isn't everything I say late at night hilarious?!), and Holly said, "Teresa, you ARE funny!"  The way she said it made me think that she had been trying to figure that out for the past four years.  "I don't know.  Is Teresa funny or isn't she?" and then that night she made her final decision!  It still makes me laugh.  I wish I could remember what I said that tipped the scale in favor of my being funny.

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