Thursday, December 18, 2014

5th Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night

I'm slowly getting into the Christmas cheer this season. It helps to have fun traditions with friends. One of those traditions is our Cheesy Christmas Movie Night. This year we were down two of our original members: Joanne and Becky. But this year, I sent them a text so that they could cast their vote for which movie we watched.
As usual, I can never decide whether to go flash on or flash off.  So we do both.  This year was Kinsey's first year to join us.  She was a little flabbergasted at all the rules and traditions that we adhere to during Cheesy Christmas Movie Night.
Here are our three choices this year:
1. The Night Before The Night Before Christmas.
2. A Boyfriend for Christmas.
3. Lucky Christmas.
And the winner an almost unanimous vote:  A Boyfriend for Christmas

Popcorn, a cozy Christmas tree, hot chocolate, and cinnamon ice cream.  And a cheesy Christmas movie, of course.  I'd recommend it, if anyone is looking for a good cheesy movie to watch.

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Amber said...

Looks like great fun!