Monday, December 8, 2014

Forgetfulness much?

Everyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I thrive off of lists.  To do lists.  Grocery lists.  Packing lists.  Lists of people to invite to an event.  I make a list for a majority of my life.  When I was in college, I created a template of the basic things I had to pack every weekend that I went home, so that I wouldn't have to re-write the list every week.

I travel to my mom's house a lot of weekends.  A weekend is not a big deal.  Just two days.  So often I don't make a list.  Shocking, I know.

This weekend, my dad was in town so we went up to see the family.  We were in my apartment for less than 30 minutes for me to pack.  During that time, I wrapped two presents to take with me.  Half way to the suburbs, I realized I had forgotten the presents that were sitting on the floor in my living room.  That was just the beginning of remembering the things I forgot.  I also realized that I forgot the cord to charge my phone.  Once I was at the house, and I realized that my pants were a little lose, I also remembered that the belt I had pulled out of the closet to pack was still sitting on the bed at home.  When I went to bed, I got my glasses case out of my bag, opened the case, and realized that I had packed the case without the glasses.  The next morning when I was putting my contacts back in, I realized I forgot the eye drops that I normally put in my eyes when I put my contacts in.  That was in the cabinet that I specifically looked through to make sure I had not forgotten anything.

My sister-in-law finally told me that I should be listing the things I remembered instead of the things I forgot since the list would be shorter.

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