Thursday, December 17, 2015

6th Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night

Traditions are very important in my life.  This tradition is one of my favorites.  This year, Emily made lasagna, Amanda brought molten lava cake and ice cream, and we had 3 movies to choose from: Hitched for the Holidays, Come Dance With Me, and Oh, Christmas Tree (or Fir Crazy, depending on what website you look at).  So, same system was used to choose the movie--a private ballot vote.  There were five of us for dinner and one person coming later.  We started the voting process during dinner.  We had 2 votes for Oh, Christmas Tree, 2 votes for Hitched for the Holidays, and 1 vote for Come Dance with Me.  So, we had to wait for Sarah to get there after dinner to vote, hoping she would break the tie.  But, alas, her vote gave us a 3 way tie.  We didn't really have a secondary option for how to break a three way tie.  So, we made a decision to call one of our original Cheesy Christmas Movie Night Members.  Joanne became our tie breaker.  I read her all the descriptions.  She chose Come Dance with Me, but she really struggled with her choice!  Also, this was Sharon's first year to join us.  We love new people who love cheesy Christmas movies!

We took the obligatory picture, and as usual, I never know if I want flash on or flash off, so I always do both.  First, notice that the sliding glass door was open in the background.  It was 65ish degrees outside and rainy!

 Somewhere in the process of turning the flash on, I apparently turned the timer off!  I only included this picture because I thought the faces of everyone was so funny!  I don't make a good window!

And the ambiance with the tree is beautiful!  Can't wait for another year!

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