Saturday, December 19, 2015

Kindergarten memories

Look! Two posts in one week! Even if this one is very random and just something I want to remember more than anyone will care about.
Without really needing to understand what this piece of paper is for, notice all the "2"s that I wrote.  Some have loops and some have straight edge bottoms.  I have a distinct memory of being in kindergarten during calendar time.  Each day the teacher would pick one student to write that day's date on the calendar.  I was chosen on the 22nd of the month.  And I wrote one two with a loop and one two with a straight edge.  And I got in trouble for it.  I'm pretty sure we were only taught one of these ways, but I was a nerd and used to copy letters and numbers out of books, so I knew how to make it the other way.  Apparently, I never broke the habit and could never settle on which way I wanted to write my "2"s because I use them interchangeable to this day.

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