Friday, February 13, 2009

The Un-nameable Post

Alternate names for this post:
Teresa--Super Spy
The Great Detective Caper
Words Gone Wrong

So, I finally have something to blog about. Two funny client stories.

Thursday I was meeting with a 10 year old client. We were discussing how when he is hungry, he can get irritable or angry. So, then we were talking about ways to distract himself or prevent himself from getting angry when he is hungry. He had named several things and I was writing them down. Then he said, "I could think about prostituters." I looked up quickly, trying to hide my shock, and said "Prostituters?" He then said, "Yeah, prostituters. You know the people who stand outside of Subway with signs." Big sigh on my part and an invisible wiping of the brow. I then said, "Do you mean 'protestors'?" I don't think that's really what he meant either, but I was willing to let him use the word protestor and we wrote it on the list!

Fast forward several hours and I'm meeting with my 13 year old client who lies a lot and is very good at it. Her dad and stepmom meet with me first and inform me that they discovered flip-flops in her window well (her bedroom is in the basement). They also discovered footprints in the mud outside the house leading to the road. So, they concluded that she was sneaking out of the house and wanted to confront her on it while I was there. Her dad then asks her what she has been doing when she snuck out of the house. She immediately denied sneaking out and informed her dad that her and a friend had climbed out of the window but stayed in the window well. They used the flip flops to stand on so they wouldn't get mud on their socks. I wasn't sure if I believed her, but I asked if I could see the window again. So, her dad and I go to her bedroom and look out the window. Definitely flip flops there. I couldn't tell if there was mud on the rungs leading out of the window well, so I asked if I could open the window. Once I picked up the flip flops it was very apparent that they had not been used to walk in, they had only been used to step on because there was only mud in the middle of the flip flop. So, I then climbed out of the window onto the flip flops to make sure the rungs did not have mud. Next, I climbed the window well to look at the footprints. Using my shoe, I measured and came to the obvious conclusion that it was a man's footprint. I won't bore you with any other details except to say that I, after playing super spy, learned that my client had not been sneaking out of the house and I saved her from a very severe grounding. It's all in a days work...


Lisa said...

Hi T! What great Super Spy work. Well done! Good thing for her that you are willing and able to climb through the window and compare your little feet to the big feet! So...who's big prints are those outside her window? I hope there are no peeping Toms!

Hols said...

Too bad you can't include super spy music on your post!