Monday, November 16, 2009

Other Fun Happenings

SURPRISE! Two blogs in two days. It's been awhile since I did that!

Friday I was able to go visit my old co-worker (sad. I don't like calling her that. Maybe I should just call her my friend now. On a side note it reminds me when Holly and I graduated college. After three years of calling her my roommate, it felt like taking a step back to call her anything else. But I finally adjusted to calling her my friend, or I would call her my friend and clarify that she used to be my roommate. Even 8 years later, I still refer to her as my college roommate more than anything else.) Okay, tangent over. Friday I went to visit Stephanie and her son, Asher. Let me tell you...he is so cute! :) I didn't take my camera, so no pictures of the cutie, but just imagine cuteness! It was good to visit with her. I told her how much I miss her at work. Friday morning I pulled into the parking lot and looked for her car. And several days earlier in the week I was driving to work thinking of something from the day before that I wanted to tell her. Sigh. Soon I'll have a new office mate and maybe she'll want to hear all the fun details of my life too. If not, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

Saturday evening was the annual Career Impact Avanti's and Ice Skating. I must say, I used to enjoy skating much more in "my younger years." The thought is fun, and I enjoy it when the skates aren't killing my feet. However, I'm not a big social skater. I don't do well pacing someone else so that we can talk and skate at the same time. So, I only lasted about 20 minutes or so and then someone else who didn't want to skate sat out with me and we talked. Nothing like paying six bucks to talk to a friend in the lobby of the skating rink! :) Really, I promise, I enjoyed it while I was skating, but I was also happy to not be skating anymore.

Tonight I'm "getting coffee" with a friend. I'm excited to hang out with her and get to know her better. She and her husband are fairly new to the church. In case I have to explain, the reason "getting coffee" is in quotes is because I don't like coffee. So, we're going to a coffee shop where she will probably drink coffee and I will probably drink hot chocolate. I'm hoping that peppermint hot chocolate is out for the holidays.

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Mom said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! Thanks for posting 2 days in a row! I like reading what is going on with you!