Friday, November 20, 2009

Post Number Four Hundred and One

I missed posting on my 400th post!

I don't talk about the place I work very often, but I just want to let everyone know that I love many things about my place of employment. As everyone in Central Illinois knows, it has been DREARY this week. We had all hoped to see some sunshine today, but to no avail. I did run off the road (I hit the uh-oh bumps on the edge of the highway) yesterday because I saw this tiny patch of blue sky and couldn't stop staring at it! Anyway, I received this email from a coworker yesterday and it made me very happy...

We're protesting!
Tomorrow has been officially declared "Sunshine Day" at Family Preservation and Support Services and Youth Development Services.
A Few Rules for Our Newly Created Day:
1. Check all bad moods at the door before you come to work.
2. You must smile at least 6 times each hour.
3. Wear Aloha Attire or something YELLOW! We need to brighten up this place!
We'll Brighten Your Day with:
1. An Impromptu Kahuna Grill - 11:30 PM to 12:30 PM. Fireplace room. Complete with brats and all the fixings.
2. Free Soda - What's better than that? Get your buzz going on as much caffeine as you can drink in a day.
3. Free Popcorn in the Family Pres Foyer.
AND. . . 4. Prizes for everyone in their mailbox for being such good sports in this crappy weather.

How fun is that! Not many people can say they have such fun coworkers and work relations at work. It is a fairly regular occurrence at my work! The unfortunate (well, sort of) news is that I did not get to partake of the festivities. I worked this morning in the office, and then saw a client from 10-12, and then took the afternoon off to run errands, get some Christmas shopping done, and clean the apartment for guests coming this evening. But just knowing that work was going to be a fun place to be if I chose to make it that was good enough for me!

Happy Friday!

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Mom said...

Very fun! YOu are fortunate to work with such good people! Happy Friday to you also! Love you