Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sister, Sister

If you're like me, you are singing that line from the TV show, "Sister, Sister." If you're not like me, than you might have just read it and assumed the post was about me and my sister. But you would only be half right. The post is about me, my sister, her best friend, and my friend. Daynah's best friend, Lydia, has a sister who I go to church with and am friends with. Hayley and I decided it would be fun to take Daynah and Lydia to Fired Up. So, that is what we did. The younger girls both painted something for their moms (shhhh...don't tell) and the older girls (or should we say more mature girls) painted something for themselves. I finished out a set of coasters that I had started. Here is me and Daynah after we finished painting our pottery. This was Daynah's first time at Fired Up. I think she had fun, but sometimes it is hard to tell. She finished painting way before us (by like an hour) but I think she was content to just sit and listen to conversation.
Daynah and Lydia working hard on their pottery. Notice how intent they are on their pottery. This was the "working" pose.
This was the "I guess I'll smile if I have to" pose. Humor the girl with the camera!
Hayley got creative with her pottery and decided to splatter the outside.

It was a fun day and I can't wait to see how everything turns out.

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Mom said...

Looks like lots of fun! You are a good sister. Love the shirt you are wearing. Thought you only wore it when you saw me! :)
Love you!
By the way, your cousin Kevin is on Facebook now! Maybe you should sign up????