Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Look

I was sad to get rid of the picture of John catching a snowflake, but I guess it was time. I really wanted to take a picture of some of my favorite trees today, but I forgot to take my camera with me. Sigh. I kind of like the blog without a picture for now.

Celebrating Easter in the new building was so much fun. I keep randomly singing "Up from the grave He arose..." Dad, Amy, and Josh came with me (well, technically I went with them, since Dad was the one to drive :)!) Daynah went to there church with a friend. Then I went to their house and had lunch and played some Super Mario Brothers (I must admit, I have a mild obsession with the game!) Afterward I went to Kari's house to play Dominion with some other friends. I can't win the game, but I really like to play it :).

Last week I sort of had Spring Break since most of my clients were on Spring Break. This week is sort of an extension of that because the kids were still out today. Plus, I don't have AWANA on Wednesday, so it's an extra free day during the week, which I'm excited about.

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