Monday, April 26, 2010

What makes you cry?

So, I've been bombarded about the fact that I haven't blogged lately (okay, really only my mom and one other person, but still!) So, here I am.

I am a person who cries a lot. Sappy movies. Funny movies. If I see anyone else crying. Good books. Hallmark commercials.

Emily and I are watching the newest Hallmark movie. I have always loved the Hallmark movies. I have good memories of watching them with my mom and crying through the commercials (not both of us, just me). There is a commercial from years ago about a dad carrying a Hallmark card through a lot of snow for miles to a particular spot. Once at that spot he opens the card, which was from his daughter, and it was their first Christmas away from each other. I cried. But I can remember the first time mom and I weren't together to watch the newest Hallmark movie. It was sad. I might have even teared up.

Here is a list of some of my favorite Hallmark movies:
The Sarah Plain and Tall series
Follow the Stars Home
The Magic of Ordinary Days
Riding the Bus With My Sister


Erika said...

did you change your background again, or are my eyes just that tired from writing so many papers.

Anonymous said...

Not being able to eat popcorn; it makes me vey sad:(


Mom said...

I miss watching the Hallmark movies with you also! Thanks for the visit. Again, wish I was feeling better. I miss you and love you! Love, Mom

Danell said...

I missed the new Hallmark movie!!!!!!:(
Best one ever= "What the deaf man heard"

Ann said...

I cry when you don't update your blog regularly. J/K! Chris always calls me a sap because I cry over so many things. Publix commercials always get me.