Monday, August 2, 2010

my "moment"

Okay, now that we've gotten 500 posts out of the way, on to the more serious things in life.

Tomorrow after work I am heading to Dad and Amy's to spend one last evening with Daynah before she leaves for Arizona on Wednesday. I am so excited for the adventure she is going to have this next year. As is natural (I think) I worry about her adjusting to a new school, making new friends, being away from her parents for over a month. Mostly, I am still just being selfish. I am going to miss her. Many of you know her as shy, quiet, and contemplative. But I know her as crazy talkative, with a dry sense of humor, who can make my name about 8 syllables when she's frustrated with me. She can make me laugh just by looking at me. I love playing games with her. I love fighting with her about who has to do something. I love having the never ending "I'm taller." "Well, I'm older." argument. I love these things about her when I am close to her. The hardest part about her leaving is that on the phone she becomes quiet and contemplative even for me. Getting her to answer with more than one word is a lot like pulling teeth. I guess I should just become a dentist...then maybe the teeth pulling will be easier!

As I was reading through my blog, I found this post from several years ago. These are the types of things I will miss about living close to Daynah:

This is what I came home to on Friday. Daynah (on the right) and her friend Jordan were laying on the kitchen floor. Why, you ask. I have no idea. They wouldn't tell me. They just giggled a lot. Then when I got the camera, they got all shy and hid their faces, as if that would stop me from doing anything with the pictures : ).
Okay, now that I've shed enough tears while writing...

Did I mention I am excited for her? I really am. :)

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Mom said...

Unfortunately, I have had my life become living far away from my kids. Though it is always hard and lonely being so far away, like everything else, it becomes a way of life. Not fun at all but the moments you get to share are even that more special. I love you.