Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Postcard from the beach! :)

Top Five Highlights so far:
1. The obvious...relaxing at the beach with a good book, family, and lots of fun!
2. John (2 1/2) and CJ (3) running up to me to tell me "I went pee-pee in the sand!" with the biggest grins. ever.
3. Ridin' the waves.
4. Yesterday, while my cousin and I were in the ocean she said "I think it might be raining." I stopped paddling but didn't feel or see anything. She starts laughing because she realized it was her own splashes hitting her in the face. :)
5. Showers after a day at the beach are simply amazing.

A couple lowlights:
1. When I found out we were going to St. Augustine, I googled Chick-fil-a to see if there was one. The only one listed was in the college in St. Augustine, which Chick-fil-a college food is sometimes a little iffy. So, I looked in Jacksonville where we would be flying in. There are 12 Chick-fil-a's in Jacksonville, so I looked to see which ones might be on the way the condo, googled directions to one and printed them out. Chick-fil-a, here I come! We got the rental car and were on the road in record time. Followed the directions to the exit for the Chick-fil-a, took the first turn. I was a little suspicious because it was right downtown and there were no businesses around. Took the second turn, into the hospital complex. So, sad. We used my aunt's phone to try and find another Chick-fil-a. Long story short. No Chick-fil-a for me. So, almost an hour later we were on the road again for the condo (it should have only taken about that long to get there in the first place). We were about 10 minutes from the condo passing through town when I look to the left and see a Chick-fil-a. Too bad we had already eaten lunch! Teresa and I were able to laugh about it while it was happening, but I'm not sure if it's still all that funny to Mom because she was starving while we were driving around trying to find the Chick-fil-a.
2. Yesterday, all of us were on the beach (by all of us I mean about 14 people, although, come to think of it, we were missing about 6 people who were in the condos for different reasons). We have quite the setup on the beach. 3 beach tents, about fifty chairs, twenty coolers, enough sand toys to dig up the whole beach, and all the other paraphernalia that comes with taking 3 toddlers to the beach (the only non-exaggeration in that sentence was the 3 beach tents and maybe the toys). All morning some pretty menacing clouds had been coming and going, but then the sky got pretty dark. All of a sudden it started POURING rain. WE decided to wait it out and began to lower one of the tents to get all nice and cozy under. But then one of the tents started coming out of the sand, so Mary and stood there and held it down. One of the Chris' was starting to lower the middle tent when it flipped and started to blow away, so he, in the pouring down rain, collapsed the tent. The whole storm passed over in about 15 minutes and then the rest of the afternoon was completely sunny and gorgeous. It was quite the adventure.

And one for the road:

Turns out, name selection is not our strong suit in this family. There are currently 15 people in our little entourage. Among those 15 people there are 3 Chris's, 2 Teresa's, and 2 Jennifer's (well, technically a Jenniefer and a Jennifer) It gets a tad bit confusing! :)

Having a great time! Wish you were here!

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