Monday, September 13, 2010

A funny (or gross) story...all about the perspective

I almost forgot this client story until this morning in supervision. Last week I had a 7 year old male client. I took him to the park. Not my first choice because he is severely ADHD and doesn't often think about the consequences of his actions. But we normally meet at my supervisor's church and it was locked. Anyway, we went to the Pekin lagoon. While we were there, my client had to go to the bathroom. Since they were setting up for the Marigold Festival, there were port-a-potties close by. We ran (only because he doesn't really know how to walk). When he came out of the bathroom, he exclaimed "That was awesome!" He couldn't stop talking about how totally cool that bathroom was. He described it to me. I tried to sound completely interested (since that's what a good therapist does) but inside was gagging because I didn't think ever in my life I would use the word awesome and port-a-potty in the same sentence! Like I's all about the perspective!


Mom said...

Well, he does have a good perspective. It's always good to find the awesomeness in every situation. It must be the great therapist he has! :)

Ann said...

Your client has officially blown my mind. An "awesome" port-a-potty? I am so utterly horrified by those vile things that if John has to go at the park I take him behind a tree! Thankfully he is (I hope??) still young enough for that. :)