Saturday, September 18, 2010


Don't's Saturday. I'm not waiting for anything profound or mysterious. But I'm a little ashamed to admit what I am waiting for...

The return of prime time television. I have been waiting for NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles to start since the beginning of September! I just finished watching the last two episodes of each show from last season to prepare me for the new shows on Tuesday! :) And every week I go to to see if they have any previews for the new shows. I even set up the VCR (aren't I old-school) on Tuesday to record so that I could see if they put any previews there!

And I'm thinking of watching the first episode of Hawaii Five-O. The previews have me intrigued. We'll see if I continue to watch it.

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Mom said...

So, did you watch Hawaii 50? Did you like it? Tonights the night you have been waiting for. Hope you have a relaxing evening!