Friday, September 24, 2010

Feeling kind of old and doubling over laughing because of it!

As you can see from my last two posts, I'm in a random mood. And I keep forgetting things I want to blog about so you're getting lots of small posts instead of one long one. Plus, my roommate might kick me out after she sees that I did, in fact, publish this story!

Tonight she asked me how long high school football games are. First of all, I'm not a football fan. Second of all, my answer was "I haven't been in high school in 13 years. No wait--12. No wait, it was 13." (Remember, I'm not so good at math).

But that reminded me of a conversation that has been ongoing in our apartment because it tickles my funny bone. I was telling her a random conversation I had with someone else that ended with us talking about me dating a pro football player and having to be interested in football. At the end of the story, Emily said she didn't think I should worry about dating a pro football player. She stated that at this point in our lives we could maybe date retired pro football players, but not actual pro football players. And that means I wouldn't have to worry about looking interested in football on national TV! Okay, that didn't sound very funny when I read it. But while the story doesn't translate well onto the blog, rest assured, it has brought great amusement to some pretty stressful days this week!


Mom said...

You are too funny!

Ann said...

LOL! If your cousin Michele has anything to do with it, you may at least have a cousin married to a pro football player (Tom Brady). :)