Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just a little catch up

Okay, my own title makes me laugh, because the first thing I was going to say in this extremely random post is that lots of ketchup can cover up a lot of poor choices...like a really old bun for your hamburger at dinner.

Tonight I get to go watch some friends and my roommate play softball in truly fall weather. I am VERY excited. I have almost two hours, but I am savoring what I might be able to do with this hour in the cold. Long sleeve shirt... hoodie sweatshirt... blanket... thermos of hot chocolate. Oh my goodness...I wish you could truly understand my excitement! :)

I've been sleeping with my window open, even though it's gotten down into the 30s the past few nights. Monday morning when I woke up, it was 55 degrees in my room. Which is all good until I actually had to get out of bed and make my way into the bathroom which is attached to my bedroom. Needless to say, 55 degrees is great for snuggling under blankets, but not for undressing and getting into the shower! But I survived and repeated the process again this morning :)!

I was going to continue with some very boring commentary on the rest of my life, but maybe I'll save it for another day. Does anybody really want to hear about the movies I have been renting the last couple of weeks?


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MOM said...

I have been wearing my flannel p.j. bottoms since last Saturday. Actually wore them all Saturday afternoon. I LOVE it! I love the fall weather.

Todakondo said...

WoW, someone was a little rude. Of course we want to hear about the movies you have been renting the last couple of weeks. Not just the names of the movies, but what you did and didn't like about them and do you recommend them to your following.