Thursday, October 21, 2010

Testimony Night

Last year in AWANA, we had our first Testimony Night. Last night was our second. I love testimony night for many reasons, but last night I got to add one more reason to my list. Generally, one of the leaders will give their testimony to get the ball rolling, and then the floor is opened for the kids to give their testimonies. It is so much fun to watch the kids bounce in their seats to get picked. As adults, we would never be that excited to get up in front of a room full of people and tell them how we came to know the Lord as our Savior (to which we should be ashamed, by the way!). So, one of my new leaders for this year gave her testimony last night. Then, about six kids gave their testimonies before it was time to go. While we were herding the kids off to game time, I noticed several of the girls hanging back to talk to a few leaders. I went on with my administrative duties, so that I would be ready to give the girls their awards at the end of the evening. I went into game time toward the end of the evening and one of the leaders informed me that HER DAUGHTER HAD ACCEPTED CHRIST! :) :) :) :) She's a fourth grader and had been struggling with the concept of not being able to see God. Something in the leader's testimony hit a chord with her and she talked to her afterward and prayed to receive Christ! I was amazed at God's goodness! And it was great being able to see this through her mom's eyes as she told the story! God is so good!

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