Monday, October 25, 2010

Dreams, Part Two

So, last night I had a dream that I was back in college. How weird is that?! That was fast. High school to college in two days! Look out Doogie Howser!

In other news, I had a busy weekend! I went up to my mom's on Friday night. Saturday morning I attended the wedding of some Peoria friends. It was beautiful, the reception site was amazing! After the wedding, I was able to meet up with most of my girl cousins for some shopping and eating! It was a lot of fun!

Here we are. Michelle, Sara, me, Katie, Marta (plus two), Carin, and Kammy. The only Illinois cousin we were missing was Missie, who got sick. And then we were missing three out of state cousins...Ann, Jenniefer, and Cherisse. We told lots of stories that I won't repeat on here. After all, what happens with the cousins, stays with the cousins! It was a really good day. Then Sunday I got to see my grandma. She is recovering from a fall she had about 3 weeks ago. She is still her spunky self. When I got there, she said, "I'm not getting up to give you a hug!" so I leaned down and gave her one in her chair. Then when it was time to go, I started to lean down and give her a hug and she said, "Well, I'm getting up to give you a hug! But it's only going to be a one-handed hug!" Okay, Grandma!

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Mom said...

Thanks for coming to visit! I don't like it when you leave. I miss you!