Monday, July 16, 2012

A Day at the Beach

We have found that we are a little slow to get to the beach.  Which I don't really mind.  But we haven't gotten to the beach before 2 either day we've gone.  And we lug a bunch of stuff out for a couple hours.  I like the beach.  But I kind of like the air conditioning too :).  John LOVES the beach.  He would stay in the water all day if you would let him. With no rest.  And he has no fear.  Highlights of the day:
--Ann caught a fish with a net for John.  You would think he just won the lottery!
--John boogie boarding.  The adults were boogie boarding in the big waves.  John was boogie boarding in the tiny waves just before they hit the beach (in ankle deep water).  But it was the equivalent for all of us, I think.  John was definitely having as much fun as we were.

Tomorrow the goal is to get to the beach earlier.  Teresa (not me speaking in 3rd person but Aunt Teresa) and Chris are going to go paddle boarding.  Surprisingly, I opted out.  I really couldn't decide, but the ultimate decision was that I don't want to work hard enough to learn something new :)!

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