Sunday, July 15, 2012

Travel Log

We are at the beach.  Well, technically, in a beach house, but close enough.  The getting to the beach has been quite the adventure.  But we are on vacation so we're taking it in stride.  Thursday afternoon I packed up my car and drove to mom's house for the night.  Saturday morning we drove to my grandma's house (just a few miles away) to get my aunt and head to the airport.  We arrived at the airport at about 11:30 and got through security without a problem.  We were a little late boarding the plane.  For a time reference, we were supposed to take off at 1:15.

And then the fun began.  We sat on the plane at the gate because it had started raining and lightning and they couldn't put our bags on the plane while it was raining.  Then we had to wait to take off because of more lightning.  Really?  It hasn't rained in weeks.  Oh well.  We finally got into the air between 30 minutes and an hour later (all of my time frames are a little iffy because a- I was trying not to pay attention and b- the pilot LIED a lot about how long things were going to take).  Into the air we go. Yippee!  We arrived in the Atlanta airspace only to circle the airport because of weather in Atlanta.  We circled long enough that they had to reroute us to Knoxville, TN because we were getting low on fuel.  We landed and sat on the runway for another hour or so.  They kept debating whether we should park at the gate or not.  At one point in time we saw the pilot running across the tarmac to the fuel cart because we were supposed to be first in line for fuel but other planes were getting fueled.  Then we finally got back in the air and finally landed at 8:20 in Atlanta.  Only 4 hours later then anticipated.  Then we had to get the rental car. Long story short about that, our indecisiveness got us an upgrade! :)  We finally arrived at my brother's house around 10ish.

Saturday morning we left around 8:40'sh in our two car caravan.  I was driving the rental car which was a fun experience for me.  I don't normally drive on road trips and my two passengers were my brother and my aunt.I'm not sure I've ever driven my brother around before.  He is usually the driver.  Lunch at Chick-fil-a :) (although it was a little bit of a process to get to it).  And then we hit a little bit of traffic.  But overall, it was not a bad trip to the beach.

The house we are staying at is AMAZING!  Three bedroom, three bath, living room, family room, dining room, huge kitchen, and breakfast nook.  Really nice and spacious.  John just keeps wandering the house.  We got unloaded and then walked down to the beach.  Sort of.  We got to the end of the road and found out that our beach access is technically just a bunch of rocks.  A little disappointing.  We're still talking logistics of how we are getting to an actual beach.  A few blocks up there is walking access to the beach, but not great for getting all of our stuff.  Then we went in desperate search for dinner.  And then we went to the grocery store at 9:30 at night.  And bought the store out.  Almost literally.  We will not starve this week.  And then off to bed.

This morning we are taking our time to get to the beach .  But we are enjoying our first official day of vacation!

More travel stories to come! :)

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