Monday, November 4, 2013

A nice cozy corner

This chair sits in the corner of my bedroom.  There probably isn't really enough space in my room for the chair, but I love having it there.  It is where I cuddle up most every morning to read my Bible.  Sometimes I end up there in the middle of the day on Saturday or Sunday to read a book.

For those of you who are fairly new to the blog, this is one chair in a set of two that have lots of sentimental value to me.  I "inherited" them from my Grandma and she didn't even make me wait to get them after she died!  My grandpa had them made special for him and my grandma.  They are shorter than most chairs, so the feet of shorter people touch the ground when sitting in them. 

Another thing you might not know about me...I struggle to make big decisions in my life.  If you notice the arms of the chair are really worn, it's because the chairs have needed to be recovered since before I "inherited" them.  And I've had them for 5 years.  The fabric color for the new chairs is a big decision.  The other problem is that the chairs are in two different rooms right now, but may not always be in different rooms.  And the two rooms have very different color schemes.  So, for now, the chairs just sit needing to be recovered.

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