Monday, November 11, 2013

God's Beautiful Creation Take Two

This weekend, I had the privilege of going to Great Oaks Camp for a singles retreat with about 40 other people. It was a great weekend with great messages, great fellowship, and a great view.  Here are some of the pictures I took of the beautiful fall colors:

I shared a picnic table with this guy and about a gazillion Japanese beetles.  I think this poor guy was missing a leg.
It was the perfect weather to sit outside and study God's Word for about an hour.  The views were a little distracting, I'll admit.

I love the contrast of the green with the red.
Don't you just want to sit on this bench for awhile?
The above picture is currently my computer background.
A road less traveled...
Leaf-covered ground.
Looking up.  This was the perfect time of evening when the sun was setting and making everything look like it was on fire.
I was kicking piles and piles of leaves :)
Crossing the bridge.
Oh, and I had Kim take this picture with me, just to prove that there were other people on the retreat with me.  Well, and I took some other pictures of Kayla and Brittany, but they are super secret pictures.  What happens on our walk stays on our walk! :)

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